Intense violence, sexual themes and more detailed for Until Dawn

ESRB has revealed some details on the intense violence, sexual theme and other content included in Until Dawn.

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Rimeskeem1200d ago

Can't freaking wait for this game!

Crazay1200d ago

For me it's the first must have game of the PS4. I'm so excited for this it's not funny

joab7771200d ago

You should check out Bloodborne. Seriously. It's worth buying a PS4 for.

Also, though, I'm glad they didn't dumb down this game, and kept the slasher flick rated R aspect to it.

OhMyGandhi1200d ago

so....I initially read "intense sexual themes" and clicked on the article...What the hell does that say about me?

Rimeskeem1200d ago

You're a naturally thinking?

OhMyGandhi1200d ago

I just realized how idiotic my previous question was. :(

morganfell1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

What does it say? You know the old adage, "What the mind wills, the body fulfills..."

And I thought your question was hilarious :P

Activemessiah1200d ago

This looks pretty stunning... games are gonna look even more gorgeous on the PS4 through its cycle.

joab7771200d ago

That's true. ND just announced U4 at 30 fps, even though TLOU Remastered was 60 fps. But, it's b/c they have done so much to up their game since then. They mentioned that it would take wayy to long to optimize everything to run at 60 fos, which is fine w/ me.

But this also means that they will continue to optimize and push, and TLOU 2 will again raise the bar. And I cant wait to see how Rockstar is able to optimize w RDR2. Look at what their engine did w/ GTA5 last gen...its absurd.

We still got a ways to go. It won't be a night and day difference but it will greatly improve immersion and gameplay. Google the tech breakdown for U4's E3 demo. Just insane what they have been able to do.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1200d ago

Ahhhh, yes... What would a horror game be without senseless violence and this one has sexual themes as an added bonus. You gotta love Playstation an Sony. Gaming would be so boring without them.

joab7771200d ago

It definitely would be a slasher flick game, which I think is what they are shooting for.

scark921200d ago

Looks fitting to the theme of 'B-Movie Horror' that Until Dawn follows..

Lets do it! :)

assdan1200d ago

Optimistically waiting for reviews on this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.