Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

Moviepilot: Yeah, it's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this came from. The media in general, but especially in gaming, has been marketed and portrayed in the as a testosterone-fuelled, male-dominated entity with little room for diversity. However, there are many characters within gaming that fall under the "LGBT" banner, so I thought it'd be cool to give that side of gaming some attention and show that everyone can find someone relatable in a well-crafted narrative.

Keep in mind that I'm not choosing characters like Shepard or The Inquisitor, as the player's input affects their "tastes," if you will. It's cool to have the option, but it's an option. I'm talking about characters that are set in stone as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, asexual, etc. As always, these are my personal favorites, though I tried to neglect those that I don't feel are at least good characters. So yeah, let's get on with it.

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itsjustexuma1200d ago

Bill from The Last of Us should of been in the list too