Slain! Has Got To Be The Goriest Game Coming To Wii U, Surely

This gory, gothic hack-’n’-slasher is now confirmed for Wii U and PlayStation Vita.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1203d ago

The most gory game on Wii U?

People forget that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge was a thing on Wii U, and even Bayonetta gets pretty gory if you're paying attention to how the torture attacks end.XD

And do we even need to mention the upcoming Devil's Third with it's explosively bloody melee combat?

Slain! looks entertaining, but it's not, by any stretch, the goriest game on Wii U.XD

Mikito111203d ago

Not goriest... Maybe goriest 2d game.. :S

rjason121203d ago

Ah man, now this is a 2d indie sidescroller I've been wanting to play on wii u! Reminds me of the metroidvania games, just less exploration based.