Insider: Nintendo NX is “not aiming to compete on a power level” with PS4

Unseen64’s Liam Robertson tweeted that, after talking to “right people,” he is “absolutely sure” that the Nintendo NX won’t competing on a “power level” with the PlayStation 4.

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Cindy-rella1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I expect the NX to be weaker than a ps4 even though its coming out years later. If true and the Nintendo NX will be weaker than a ps4 i expect bad third party support like always for Nintendo which will lead to low sales and its ultimate failure.

Nintendo expects to sell 20million Nintendo NX console in its first year which i dont see happening when the ps4 and xbox one will be at an amazing price with a lot more games. With the failure of the gamecube, wii, and wii u, i dont see a lot of Nintendo gans runing out to get the NX because of a lack of faith. The nes fanatics will run out to buy the nx but there arent much of them that will

RPGrinder1203d ago

"Nintendo expects to sell 20million Nintendo NX console in its first year " Stop with the lying Bullshit rumors please.

uptownsoul1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I hope its not true…I mean I would think the "NX" would have to be on par with PS4's power w/ x86 architecture so they can push 3rd parties to decent make Nintendo ports…

I know that even if they do this, they might not get those decent 3rd party ports, but if they did have even or better power than PS4 AND x86 architecture like PS4 & XB1 at least they have an argument for decent 3rd party ports

Lightning Mr Bubbles1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I don't even have a clue what Nintendo should do for a new console.

I don't have a clue, the only thing I would know how to do is try to compete with XBOX One and PS4. It would have to be on par graphically, I have a hard time picturing Nintendo having success doing this. Last time they tried it was with GameCube and I liked it but it didn't do so well in sales. Nintendo has an imagine of being more for kids.

Still, I don't see any other choice, gotta try to compete with the big boys or get out. If they make another kiddy console, core gamers won't really care so why even bother.

freshslicepizza1202d ago

nintendo likely wants the new system to be $299 so it's reasonable to think it won't be as powerful as the ps4 specially if they have some other hardware features built in.

ABizzel11202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

If true their only hope is a $199 console, which while less powerful than the PS4 and XBO, would still be a capable machine with around 2x the CPU power of the Wii U and 2.5x the graphics performance if they go with AMD's A10 7700 APU, and GDDR5 for the RAM.

They can't expect to sell a weaker console for $299, when the PS4 and XBO will be in that range by then, and have years of games under their belt, and multi-million install base.


Nintendo has 3 choices as far as making a console goes.

1. Fusion Device
2. Cheap $199 - $299 console.
3. High End $399 - $499 console.

The least likely is the $399 - $499 console. If they plan on releasing it by 2016 - 2017, then the best they can come up with for that price range is:

(everything in order from cheapest to highest, $399 - $499)

CPU: FX 6300 / Quad-Core Power PC 7 / FX 8320 / Intel i3 3000 / i5 2000 series

GPU: R9 280 / R9 280x / R9 380

4 - 8GB GDDR5 / 4GB HBM

Regardless the combination it's a great rig, and just under 2x as powerful as the PS4, although performance-wise it should be a bit better than 2x.

The problem is Nintendo can't sell a $300 console so how are they going to sell a $400 - $500 console with and bare bones online network, no western 3rd party support. There will be those who buy it just for it's power, but it complete alienates the family / child gamer audience with that price. It's seems nice for the core, but it's an awful idea for Nintendo, and they don't need that much power for the type of games they make.

Next up is the $199 - $299 price, which would be 2 very different consoles.

At $199 they're getting the APU system I mentioned earlier, A10 7700. Basically a FX 4350 + R7 250 (XBO is based off 260, PS4 is based off 270). This is more than enough power for their IPs, it's enough power for current gen games at their lowest settings for 3rd parties, and at a price the majority of gamers can get behind. This is their ideal console IMO right now from a business perspective.

Fans however, want the $299 console that goes head to head with the PS4 and XBO, but that's a losing battle just like the $399 - $499 console IMO.

At this point Nintendo either needs to go with the $199 home console, and the $199 fusion device both of which share the same library at home and on the go.

mikeslemonade1202d ago

Lol Nintendo is gonna be two generations behind instead of being the usual last gen console.

bmf73641202d ago

The biggest rumor on the NX spec leak awhile ago was the use of 4GB of DDR4. DDR4 is faster than GDDR5 but the fact lies that it's not enough to even be considered modern. 8GB has been a standard and it seems soon that games need more RAM than that.

Benchm4rk1202d ago

"With the failure of the gamecube, wii, and wii u,"

The Wii sold 100 million consoles and won last gen. How is that a failure?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I would love to see Nintendo start over and try to compete with XBOX One and PS4. But lets be real...

That's NOT gonna happen!

The NX will be another kiddy console with party games and graphics from 2 generations ago. They will try to invent another crappy gimmick and hope they can be mildy successful at attracting little anime girls, or whatever market that plays handhelds and things like that.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1202d ago


Oh damn! Thanks for all that lesson. I think you're right.

rjason121202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@Cindy-rella Man, how do you get so many likes all the time, all I ever see you do is bash Nintendo, you once stated that you owned a wii u for your kids for about a week, then later on another you stated that you would never buy a Wii u.

Cindy-rella1202d ago

Im a girl, i never said i have children because i dont and id never buy a wii u. Wii us generation is over and only nes fanatics would say otherwise. The console barely gets any new games so why would i want to buy it and im a core gamer.

fatneal1201d ago

there is a difference between 20 million shipped and 20 million sold

Army_of_Darkness1201d ago

If the NX is weaker than the ps4,whats the point of even releasing a new console?! That's gonna fail as bad as sega's 32x!

Paulino301201d ago

@ Cindy-rella

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the wii have the most consoles sold last gen?

If it didn't it still wasn't a failure.

gameboy11201d ago

All this rumour comes from Nintendo hiring a graphics engineer for new hardware google it...

Low power means less electricity it has nothing to do with the capability's which will squash wiiu/ps4/xbox1 it could end up using only a bit more power then wiiu but it has nothing to do with graphics/framerates/resolution ect..

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hduce1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Still not sure what the "NX" will be but I will wait for an official unveil or at least more credible rumors from a developer before reserving judgment on power, architecture, price, etc.

LOL_WUT1202d ago

Agreed I still think there's hope for Nintendo to redeem themselves by making a powerful system. ;)

andibandit1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

well...the WiiU had a gamepad with a maybe they'll do a:
touchscreen with a digital gamepad...MINDBLOWN!

ABizzel11201d ago

Honestly I think they're better off with a $199 entry gaming system.

Nintendo can't compete with Sony and MS, which is why they do their own thing, and why they don't get into the hardware or online network battles.

As much as we'd want a core Nintendo console, there's still a good chance they'll have inferior 3rd party support, because their fans buy their hardware for first party first and foremost, and in many case solely for first party.

It also means they have to go head to head with PS4 and XBO price wise (which PS4 and XBO will win the price war), build a capable online network (they're 2 generations behind now), and make games the fans have been asking (They've been asking for games like F-Zero, Pokemon MMO, Earthbound, etc... for over a decade).

There's little reason to hope and put faith in Nintendo at this point IMO, and all I could ask for is a cheap and capable console to play the few first party games I like, as well as the rare 3rd party exclusive that comes it's way.

And a $199 while not as powerful as the PS4 or XBO, wouldn't be as huge of a leap down as the Wii U currently is (it would be about 2/3 the power of the XBO).

Number-Nine1202d ago

Nintendo should rename their brand to "ass backwards". It's been their shtick for a while now

RocketScienceLvlStuf1202d ago

Maybe it will be more powerful than the xbone though.

SilentNegotiator1201d ago

Please don't sidestep the discussion into that nonsense.

pcz1202d ago

the NX is commercial suicide

gameboy11201d ago

Here is where the RUMOR came from basically Nintendohiring a graphics engineer for low power hardware ie low electricity not raw capabilities.....

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RPGrinder1203d ago

Lets just say this is a rumor right now. He does not know for sure what is going on.

RonsonPL1203d ago

Let's not.

hint 1: Nintendo boss recently saying: "Wii:U flopped because the price was too high."
hint 2: rumors about 149$ price
hint 3: rumors about the console being android-based, a "transformer", a handheld and a console in one, with some docking station.
hint 4: rumor about 2016. Ninendo would HAVE to wait until 2017 for TSMC 16FF+ process to become mature and cheap. 16FF+ was the only chance for Nintendo for creating a console that's both cheap to produce, and equal to PS4 (or faster) at the same time.
hint 5: this info. This guy is credible.

I'm predicting Wii:U backward compatibility and Wii 1 compatibility in mobile mode.

My 5 cents:
It's the last time Nintendo disappointed me. Wii 1, Wii 2(U) wasn't enough to erase the great memories of NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube.
But it seems they'll never return to core gaming again. They said they want to, when they announced upcoming Wii:U, but it turned out to be a lie. Sure, Nintendo can always do things like the deal with Platinum Games, but with a hardware that's whole one generation behind, there's no chance their console becomes relevant enough so devs like Platinum would create their games for Nintendo console, but without any dotations. If the NX was even just a little faster than PS4, devs would create all their multiplatorm games for the NX, and when enough people bought the NX, games like Bayonetta would start appearing on the NX in the natural way. As it happened many times before, in previous generations.
Nintendo focused on casuals, and that's why Wii:U is dead now. The casuals are gone. They prefer mobiles and browser games now. They have smart TVs, tablets, smartphones.
I don't get it. PS4 is a really cheap (to produce) and weak hardware. They could just put the same APU, but a little better thanx to the 16FF+ process, and they could sell it at the lower price than PS4.
But no. Nintendo thinks the casuals are still there in hundreds of millions, just waiting for the next Nintendo console. Wii success blinded Nintendo. They still think it's 2007. It's not.
I do agree that the Wii:U has great exclusives. I even personally counted more of the good ones on the Wii:U than on the PS4 or Xone, and I really LOVE that many of the Wii:U games are 60fps titles. But it's not like Nintendo needed to create a console that costs 1000$ to produce to beat the competition.
As a kid, I was blown away by Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. Then Mario 64 and Turok took my breath for a while. Then I had one of the best times in my gaming history when I played Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader on the GameCube. All those games had both superb gameplay and great graphics that were above the competition.
I really wanted to believe Nintendo will do a proper console again some day. But it's time to stop deluding myself. GameCube 2 will not happen.

RPGrinder1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Credible? Not really. He follows me on twitter, and he has been wrong plenty of times.

Wii had some of the best Nintendo games ever. 3DS and DS, the same. Nintendo makes incredible games.

The problem is not them, it is you. Graphics, do not make great games. Wii U has amazing games. They have more games over 80 on metacritic than anyone.

iluvmaPS31202d ago

@rpgrinder. You're an idiot

Savsky1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@RPGrinder PS4 has 75 80+ games on Metacritic while the Wii U only has 45 80+ games.

SilentNegotiator1201d ago

"The problem is not them, it is you. Graphics, do not make great games"

Ummm, yeah, no.
The problem is that developers can't make the games that they want on Nintendo's weak home consoles and the result is weak third party support. It's about the technical part of the graphics, not how shiny it is.

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Spotie1203d ago

And you know even less, it would seem.

feelforlove1203d ago

"The problem is not them, it is you. Graphics, do not make great games. Wii U has amazing games. They have more games over 80 on metacritic than anyone."

so you can't have great graphics and great games?

45 Wii U games scored 80+ on metacritic after 2,5 years on market

76 PS4 games scored 80+ on metacritic after 1,5 years on market

kayoss1202d ago

True, but you're forgetting something, if you don't have strong 3rd party support you will force the fan base to go to another console to get their fix. Fans will soon be tired of Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games. The wii u is a great example of this. As much as I love Nintendo games I stop playing my wii u. I bought the wii u because my wife and I love Mario kart, but as of now we've moved on and for us, wii u have nothing to offer us.

Realplaya1202d ago

Aren't there more games on the PS4 than the Wii U also.

RPGrinder1202d ago

Why don't you actually use the actual numbers instead of making stuff up? How many of those PS4 games are made by Sony? 2?

fatneal1201d ago

how many of those ps4 games are exclusives or indies?

wonderfulmonkeyman1201d ago

"so you can't have great graphics and great games?"

Bayonetta 2.
Mario Kart 8.
Xenoblade X.
Fatal Frame.
I could go on, but the pont is made well enough with just those.
Seriously, if you think the system can't do great graphics, then you're only talking about budget-inflating realistic cinematics and not giving credit to how good the games both look and play.

godmachine1201d ago

rpgrinder has a good point if everyone just wants great graphics at high res get a pc because ALL the consoles are already in terms of graphics at least obsolete obviously wii u most of all...sad but true...this 1080p bullish was the same argument people had over ps3 360 ...face facts for ps4 xbo will be 720p 30fps real soon to stay toe to toe with there pc counterparts with the details cranked, wii u will stick to art style as its solution and also be at 720/30 .if no one told us we prob never even tell the difference then what we gonna argue about shadows or lighting or somethin else that really doesnt make or break games ...really whats next on the list so i can prepare

kayoss1201d ago

Currently the powering of the consoles go as followed PS4>XBOXone>WiiU
If the Xbox one and PS4 are having trouble with 1080p when it comes to 3rd party games, it is likely that the Wii U will have a bigger problem of achieving 1080p. We are not talking about exclusives here. When it come to 3rd party games, developers will access ease of portability to other consoles. With the Wii U controller, Developers will not spend extra money to spend more time on porting a game. Second, developers will look at the user base for that console and decide if its worth it to put more money into to port to said console.

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Knushwood Butt1202d ago

Let's just guess that Nintendo are aiming for an underpowered, overpriced device that relies on a gimmick.

superchiller1201d ago

That certainly is their usual approach, isn't it? Cheapest possible hardware, cut many features out and keep the specs to a bare minimum, throw in a gimmick, and hope the suckers will buy it . . . worked (for a while) with the Wii, failed miserably with the Wii U.

CaptainSellers1202d ago

How you have 10 bubbles is beyond me, you fail to present any decent argument and just ignore the flat out horrible third party support the wii u has when talking about games and metastatic.

Many ps4 and Xbox one gamers will be enjoying games like Fallout 4 and Assassins Creed where as wii u owners won't,but hey they don't count because they are third party!

Your are so delusional it's beyond belief.

RPGrinder1202d ago

And the PS4 and X1 have crappy first party support. Not every system has everything right now.

Who is delusional?

N0TaB0T1202d ago

Oh you're defending Nintendo again, as usual.

feelforlove1201d ago

"Worst third party support, but best overall exclusives."

Let's see. Last gen PS3 exclusives which scored 90+ on metacritic:

Uncharted 2 - 96
TLOU - 95
LBP - 95
MGS4 - 94
God of War III - 92
Uncharted 3 - 92
Killzone 2 - 91
LBP 2 - 91

I didn't count Journey because it's small indie game, MLB The Show or God of War Collection, ICO/SoTC Collection, MGS Legacy Collection.

Wii exclusives which scored 90+ on metacritic:

Super Mario Galaxy - 97
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 97
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 95
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 93
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - 93
Xenoblade Chronicles - 92
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - 90

As you can see 7 Wii exclusives and 8 PS3 exclusives, so PS3 had better exclusives.

RPGrinder1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

haha, you want to do PS3 now? Not all of those were even made by Sony.......

Not to mention the fact that Galaxy 1 and 2 are the highest rated games ever, EVER. Nice try though. You fail

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Chronoman21203d ago

Done. Rumor done. He has no idea what it is.

wonderfulmonkeyman1202d ago

And there's your reason to mark this as a rumor.
Ah, but wait!
This is N4G, the home-land of unreasonable Nintendo bashing!
What was I thinking!
Do carry on, people.
I'll just be over here sitting in my lawn chair.

RPGrinder1202d ago

Tell me about it. It is hard to take most of these people seriously.

gameboy11201d ago

All this rumour comes from Nintendo hiring a graphics engineer for new hardware google it...

Low power means less electricity it has nothing to do with the capability's which will squash wiiu/ps4/xbox1 it could end up using only a bit more power then wiiu but it has nothing to do with graphics/framerates/resolution ect..

Zero1091203d ago

I was gearing more towards an X1 lvl of power or something inbetween the X1 and PS4. 3rd party support and bigger games need more powerful hardware (which they've lacked this and last gen). So I hope they do find some middle ground.

yewles11203d ago

I'm going to guess: It might be a tablet that you can hook up wirelessly to a TV to play at home, like Apple's AirPlay...

rainslacker1202d ago

I'm really expecting a hybrid type console just so Nintendo can focus on one console. Their mobile platform is doing gangbusters, but they need to remain relevant in the home console market as well, so if they can combine the two, then it opens up two markets with one console.

I don't think it'll be a wireless airPlay type thing though. That would require more costs to handle the stream to the TV, so I see something more like a docking station with a separate controller...possibly sold separately.

Heck, it could simply be a portable WiiU, and I honestly believe Nintendo wanted this with the WiiU to begin with. Unfortunately, technology wasn't cheap enough to really pack it all into the tablet.