End of the road for Playstation Mobile

In less than two weeks, Playstation Mobile will close for good, taking hundreds of games with it forever.

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Kipster1202d ago

If anyone has any PlayStation Mobile recommendations, please post them here!

HereThereBeGamers1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I wonder if all those Vita-only games will go the same way? Will they just disappear once Sony officially kills it off? Assuming they don't make a new portable of course (fat chance of that!)

MegaRay1201d ago

Sony isnt THAT stupid. Wait, are they?

Angeljuice1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

And this is why I prefer physical copies of everything. Kids are always mocking people for still wanting CD's, DVD's and Blu-Ray's just wait until those online services you use go down and you're left with nothing.

Kipster1201d ago

Sadly, with the reliance on digital, it's just not possible to even get these games on disc. Digital allows small devs to produce amazing experiences for a relatively low cost too, which we wouldn't have had otherwise. It really is a double edged sword.

s45gr321201d ago

Not really, digital games can be burned onto a disc, saved on an external hard drive, cloud, etc.

dreamfix191201d ago

I bet there will be torrents available for these games once PlayStation mobile ends.

bluzone1201d ago

Oh Deer! Isn't too bad. I tried when they mentioned it in the article.

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