The Outerhaven Podcast #69 – “We will not go quietly into that good night”

Keith from The Outerhaven writes:
Today is the day, Independence Day. The day that we, the United States of America declared our independence and started on very same road that Ryu wanders after every Street Fighter game. So what better way to celebrate than to enjoy yet another fun yet chaos filled podcast with us? Sit back and enjoy while the Outerhaven crew discuss the following topics on this episode of the Outerhaven Podcast:

Batman PC and steam refunds, a good thing for a game in a terrible state?
Tales of Symphonia on PC – Is this a good or bad thing?
DBZ roundtable and upcoming Summer Anime discussion.
A Magic the Gathering board game? WTF???
Street Fighter V change ups. If you’re looking to play Street Fighter V, then you will want to hear this discussion.
Destiny, Red Bull that unholy marriage that forces you to drink Red Bull for content. We fear for your stomach.
HAX rages about the current state of Reddit, Ellen Pao did what?.
Kiddies, there be some adult/mature language in here, so listener beware.

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