Nissan USA Thought Driveclub Was Real Life

Apparently, Driveclub‘s graphics are good enough to trick those who make its cars into believing they’re looking at real life cars in a rather hilarious exchange on Twitter.

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Cindy-rella2277d ago

Driveclub is the best looking driving game ever made and will be the best looking driving game this year. Ive never seen a better car racing game as realistically as driveclub is when it comes to graphics

Haru2277d ago

And probably no other racing game will come close to Driveclub's graphics quality in the next few years

Yi-Long2277d ago

I'm still playing this almost on a daily basis, and it STILL manages to catch me off guard some times with its graphics. Just tonight I did one of the new community challenges, this one from the developer themselves, the Evolution Studios community challenges (or whatever it's called), which was an Indian Track P2P, very early in the morning (6:30 I believe), and man, the clouds and weather (all dynamic) just looked amazing. Halfway through the level it even turned a golden brown somehow. Gorgeous.

Really hoping they'll have some big announcement at the end of this month concerning a huge new expansion with new locations and tracks.

tinynuggins2277d ago

Whatever the next racing game to come out from turn 10 or sony will look better. That's usually how it works bud.

Bathyj2277d ago

Unlikely. A games not going to necessarily look better just because it's newer. Did the Tombraider reboot look better than Uncharted 3?

nveenio2276d ago

Forza 6 has much better weather than past titles, but the physics on the rain drops still isn't as good as what DC does. Sure, there is a frame rate difference, but DC still holds the candle.

Bigpappy2276d ago

Abriael: is doing a good joy in the minds of PS fans here on N4G. Must love this game immensely for this kind of dedication and commitment. Not a knock, just an observation.

I personally have not played the game, but I have seen some very impressive looking screen shots.

Even thought what I have seen form Forza6 is extremely impressive graphically, DC is still competing with it in the eye candy category. It is difficult to pic the overall best looking between those 2 ATM, but I can clearly say from footage of both, that Forza has the interiors. Need more Forza footage of the finish product before I could go any further than that. But DC in very good looking.

_-EDMIX-_2276d ago

I would say your wrong on that.....Driveclub 2 =)

If anything, I see PD blowing them out of the water with GT7. We've yet to see what they can do with a PS4.

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iNFAMOUZ12277d ago

you obviously havent played project cars in 4k

Helloween132277d ago

well I have played Project Cars in 4k and while the resolution is fantastic it still does not have the same level of detail that Driveclub has

Loktai2276d ago

Resolution isnt the same as environments, track details and so on... which driveclub still does better.

microgenius2276d ago

OMG when will these noobs find out that resolution doesnt mean graphix
go play Doom in 8k and tell me the result!

microgenius2276d ago

OMG when will these noobs find out that resolution doesnt mean graphix
go play DOOM in 8k then tell me the result
probably it blows KZSF out of the water!!!!!!!!

_-EDMIX-_2276d ago

...sure bud. That is like saying playing HL1 in 4k looks better then Crysis in 720p.

4K doesn't make up for lack of detail, engine, lighting etc.

Abriael2276d ago

I have. It doesn't even come close to Driveclub in terms of visuals (it's still a very good game). Resolution isn't the most important factor for visual fidelity. Lighting, physically based rendering, shading, those are WAY more important than having more pixels.

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343_Guilty_Spark2277d ago ShowReplies(1)
Lamboomington2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

DC is the best looking racing game, yes, I agree.

This article is kind of dumb though - these are based on screenshots. So many games have been able to do this for a while now - Project Cars, or even Forza or GT could have done the same. Those games, especially Pcars have been capable of extremely photorealistic screenshots for a long, long time. How many screenshots from PCars look absolutely photoreal ? Tons and tons of them.

Not to mention these screenshots were taken with PHOTO MODE, meaning waaay better image quality and AA, as well as tons of picture perfect blur. come on. The game does not have those effects during gameplay.

I thought this was based on video, in which case Driveclub obviously wins. I'm not saying DC isn't the best looking racing game , because it is IMO. It's just that most of that is what you see in motion. The amazing effects, the brilliant lighting and tons of detail. That's stuff you don't see on screenshots. Most of DC screenshots are just like other game screenshots with exaggerated blur and filters on it. That's it. Seriously, those screenshots are nothing much compared to say, PCars. but PCars doesn't look as good in motion, where it really matters.

Driveclub is definitely the best looking racing game ever made. It's just that this incident doesn't show that at all. I thought they watched a video or something, and thought it was real, which I could believe btw. Screenshots though ? We've been seeing tons and tons of photoreal screenshots. Seriously.

If this incident shows anything, it shows how realistically photomode handles blur and DOF and stuff like that, akin to photos you see in car magazines and stuff. Which, again, is a job really well done by Evo - photomode was also very well done.

Forza 6 runs at 60fps to begin with. They couldn't make it look as good as DC even if they really wanted to. Basic common sense.

Ferage2276d ago

Good graphics? Yes but realistic graphics??? Seriously its an arcade game, it is not even close to realistic, stop being a fanboy please.

frameflip2276d ago

So you're saying that because it's more of an arcade game, it couldn't possibly look realistic, right? I suppose the folks at Nissan are all Playstation fanboys too... Your true colors are showing.

Spotie2276d ago

How it plays doesn't really impact how it looks.

Azzanation2276d ago

It is the best looking driving game on the market, but its not the best driving game on the market.

Orionsangel2276d ago

The weather and lighting really took it to a whole other level. That's for sure.

BallsEye2276d ago

Comes at a price of limited gameplay, very few cars on track, no mods, 30 fps and awful aliasing. What's next? 15 fps, 2 cars on a desert track just to make the game look great on stills? I think devs need to focus on things that actually make a good racing game. If they wouldn't move back game few times to add post release rain drops we would have some basic car nodding in game. You know, stuff that cars is all about.

NerdStalker2276d ago

But if this was Fozra you would be applauding the game defending it to the death. If people were to believe you driveclub is the worst thing ever, however that's simply not true fact is it's a decent fun racing game with superior graphics than fozra and it's on ps4 so you can't handle that and hate it for that.

flyinb112275d ago

I agree. I own both and prefer the 60fps racing aspect of forza 5. While I felt the sky and rain looked amazing in DC,the actual environment felt a bit to colorful almost like a cartoon. Taking a bit away from the realism. I will say the same of FH2 it seemed good until I went back to 60fps Forza 5 and realized how much better and real it felt. All 3 are fun, but in motion while playing the game, I still prefer Forza 5.

flyinb112275d ago

I'd agree with the best weather graphics. The environment is debatable. Some parts are hit and miss.

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Relientk772277d ago

Yeah those shots look really good

Genova842277d ago

Wish the Playstation + version worked. I went to try it today. No dice.

TheBigShamona2277d ago

It works fine, I've been playing it for over a week

Loktai2276d ago

Its working fine...what the hell are you saying?

Genova842275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

It was hanging on the initial load screen. I'll try again sometime this week.

Bathyj2277d ago

One of Driveclubs tracks actually winds right through the uncanny valley.

TXIDarkAvenger2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Yeah at a quick glance, it looks realistic.

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