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PSLS - After the infamous Playable Teaser – or P.T. — demo was pulled from the PSN store earlier this year, there has been a great deal of attention being placed the horror genre. Even so much that a new upcoming game called Allison Road has been making waves and exciting fans. With that in mind, the Daily Reaction crew discusses the current advancements in horror titles, and how modern technology could be playing a big role in what we see from the genre over the next few years.

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excaliburps1256d ago

Horror games on VR is a logical and awesome move. Maybe use the DualShock 4 in unique ways too.

freshslicepizza1256d ago

play it with surround sound headphones on too, that would be pretty sweet.

ps4fanboy1256d ago

Any game in vr could work given the right controls , imagine a super Mario game in v.r , I'd buy Nintendo again ha ha.

Wedge191256d ago

This is a great concept. Technology is what pushes the industry, but perhaps even more, the limits of the technology push the creative decisions to increase the immersion. I'm excited to see where it goes.

ZaWarudo1256d ago

Yeah, and hopefully technology will find ways to clean my pants more effectively.

PaleMoonDeath1256d ago

Hm.. I kind of like my "gather around the big tv" approach, it hasn't failed me yet when it comes to horror, but if I could use this to terrify everyone I know that would be a very attractive selling point.

Imagine playing P.T for the first time again, this time with a headset, you really wouldn't last that long without pausing now would you?

cplus1256d ago

I'm happy I played it the first time with a headset.

PygmelionHunter1256d ago

So did I. Probably the scariest gaming experience I've ever had.

BTW, f*** Konami.

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The story is too old to be commented.