Nintendo execs talk VR, downloadable games, “letting down” fans

Shareholder Q&A also includes answers about smartphone games, upcoming "NX" system.

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CyberSentinel1205d ago

Microtransactions for their "free to Start" mobile phone games = no thank you, for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

As it should be.
They've already stated that they're keeping a clear divide between their console and phone endeavors, so it's perfectly fine that this isn't your speed.
Most of their phone games will be used as a form of advertisement for their consoles and a small side source of cash flow: it won't ever replace their consoles, so it's fine to not care about their phone stuff because it really doesn't apply to us.^_^

MeteorPanda1205d ago

"free to start" is different to pay to win how? That pokemon rumble game that got released recently is an addictive game but really it costs about 10-20 to actually play the full version of it. It's essentually a full game within the demo but with the chance of gaining more money the longer someone plays. interesting medium but being greedy with the prices can really backfire.

antikbaka1205d ago

downloadable games....i hope Nintendo go bankrupt, their online oilicy is a batshit

BrandanT1205d ago

A little much...?
I'm a big Nintendo fan and extremely disappoined in them, but wishing that seems a bit extreme.

WheatBread1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Multiplayer/socializing will come to VR eventually that's just common sense. VR tech is still in its infancy so STFU, Miyamoto.

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The story is too old to be commented.