Prototype Snes Playstation is Fake, Here's Why


There may be a prototype sitting somewhere, but here are the reasons why we believe these pictures are not it.

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Da Ill One1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

You mean besides the fact the person admitted it was fake?

Voletic1299d ago

Thank you, article update.

FriedGoat1298d ago

this is not fake.
check it out.

look its IDENTICAL to the proper prototype...

Fixay1298d ago

Supposedly they were joking..

Worth noting is that the OP mentioned the company his dad worked for going bankrupt. The only company Olaf has ever worked for that went bankrupt was Advanta... Guess what turns out a guy from Demver the same area as OP worked there named Terrance Diebold..

OP's name is Dan Diebold which tou can see from a youtube video he uploaded 4 years ago. Also, his username on assembler is Dnldbld (danial diebold)

Not comvrete evidence but shows truth to his story, hes clearly not a gamer too. Check out his reddit history, 4 years worth of nothing game related at all

Spotie1298d ago

You were screaming about this in the other article. Going completely overboard.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

My first impression was that it was probably fake, it was just hard to believe someone could have one of these, since it was never released or shown. How could they be so careless to allow someone to have one and leak it to everyone?

It's a terrible design, with cardrigdes on one end and a disc player on the other, it looks like a console with 2 heads or something. And the controller looks like a Super NES controller with Playstaion name on it. It's pretty pathetic, so if it was real, they needed to keep that on the low, and have someone burn that thing.

Voletic1298d ago

It's not identical. Notice there is spacing between the Play and Station on the controller in that image. Also notice the colouring of the word playstation, and a few other differences. We don't believe these are doctored images, but a console somebody has made to look exactly like those old prototype shots and claim it is the real thing.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1298d ago

and everyone that assumed that it could be fake got downvoted to hell in the last article lol.

Silly gameAr1298d ago

There are no downvotes here. Just agree and disagree. Maybe people disagreed that it was fake?

1298d ago
RAVEN811298d ago

It's not fake it's real that's how Sony became PlayStation read your history

deathtok1298d ago

The history isn't fake but the pictures of the "prototype that was just found" are fake.

RAVEN811291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I guess after the ceo says that's it's real you'll believe him lol hahahahah

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