What Final Fantasy VII tells us about gaming's obsession with its past

One of the biggest cheers at Sony’s 2015 E3 press briefing was for an adventure first released in 1997. Why is gaming so keen to look back?

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Gardenia1297d ago

It's not only nostalgia. I feel like years ago games were made with a lot more feeling and creativity. Now it seems like it's only about the money. Developers are business men and not gamers at heart

Spotie1297d ago

It was a great game that would benefit greatly from newer tech. That doesn't mean there's any obsession with the past.

If it were as easy to remake a movie and have the remake be as great as the original, more such things would happen(it STILL happens, but many of them suck). But getting an entire cast of actors and a director and producer and someone to write the score that are just as good as the original is much harder to do.

That's not to say succeeding with this will be easy, though.

In any case, why WOULDN'T people want to see things they loved look even better if possible?