Dark Souls III Hands-Off Preview Impressions | OnlySP

OnlySP: In a dimly lit room full of mist, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director of both Dark Souls and Bloodborne, showed off the first gameplay for Dark Souls III. No recording or photos were allowed during the presentation.

The demo starts with a character in an early section of the game known as the Wall of Lodeleth, an environment filled with scaling castles, shredded flags, and ash blowing in the distance against the wind from the corpse of a dragon. Miyazaki was quick to explain that all of the area that could be seen was explorable, including the areas far out in the horizon. Part of From Software's evolution of the series was to develop what Miyazaki described as an "apocalyptic world filled with dark withered beauty", expanding the sense of hopelessness that has been a common theme in the Dark Souls series.

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Donnywho1205d ago

Hi Tripp, my name's Jealous, nice article.

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So, the increased power of the XBONE and PS4 will allow From to release a game that looks as good as that preview of Dark Souls 2 they showed us years ago? Bully.