Dark Horse To Release The Art Of Uncharted 4

The game is going to be hot and now Dark Horse has revealed a new book that will show off the art of the pending Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

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crazed_shadow271206d ago

I'm a big art book collector so I'm definitely getting this. It is another way of re-living the game, story, characters and locations and sometimes learning new information. I do have my preferences on the layout of the pages and content. For instance I like full page shots and pages that use all of their space. What I don't like is when they have the same picture of a character in 20 different outfits. To date my favorite art books (including ones for movies) are Mad Max Fury Road, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Tomb Raider.

Here are flip throughs of the 3 books I mentioned:

Garethvk1206d ago

You make great points. Let us not forget Titanfall which had vehicles, creatures and such which were not in the final game.

jb2271206d ago

I like the concept art sections that feature levels that didn't make it to the final game. With the caliber of artists available at ND, every morsel of work should be celebrated. Their work is second to none in my eyes, their levels have a lived-in feel that just hasn't been matched in any other game. Look at the Himalayan level of UC2, soon after we are seeing so many games take the touchstones from their designs & copy them for their own work. Like the little multicolored flags that started popping up in games like Far Cry 4. It's obvious that the game industry at large gets a lot of inspiration from those guys at ND. Leaders of the craft for certain.

Garethvk1206d ago

It can be tough, seeing all that work done and not included. I worked at Sierra and Monolith years ago and I would see artists working away and final approval not be granted. By the same token, I saw things that were glaring to me like all the monsters, insects, and creatures, having the same color blood, and was told it would be to difficult to change the color plate at this point in production. It is a creative process, you have to in the end know that someone else makes the calls, you just have to do the best you can. I was in the support side but was used often to help with marketing and beta testing.