Taro Yoko Originally Had Plans To Bring Nier to PlayStation Vita

Square Enix recently announced that they’re working on a new Nier project with Taro Yoko. In a Famitsu interview about the upcoming project, Yoko and project producer Yosuke Saito revealed that they once had plans for a Nier game on PlayStation Vita.

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slinky1234561207d ago

I never played Nier, even when I heard good things of it. I would have given it more thought now though if it did come to PSVita. It's cool though, I do look forward to the new one on PS4 even with no knowledge of the series.

Sly-Lupin1207d ago

All you need to know about Nier:

1. Incredibly music.
2. Wonky characters w/ amusing/funny dialog.
3. Off-the-rails science fiction plots.

Seriously, the hell are you doing here? Go play Nier right now.

GuruStarr781207d ago

I LOVED the original Nier game. It was a blast to play.. no matter what anyone says... I can't wait to play the sequel, although I would have really enjoyed a Nier game on the Vita!