MS: We'll "Explore Not Exploit" Halo

With a spin-off RTS game, multiple novels and an expanding range of figurines all on show this week at Comic Con 2008, Microsoft has insisted that its strategy is to "explore not exploit" the Halo universe.

Frank O'Connor, who oversees the franchise at Microsoft Games Studios, headed up the Halo Universe panel at the geek-packed San Diego event, in which representatives of Halo Wars developer Ensemble, Bungie and toy manufacturer McFarlane joined Halo novelists to discuss the future of the franchise in front of a packed audience of ecstatic fans.

Speaking to Eurogamer immediately after the session, O'Conner, former Bungie community manager, said that content so far had only scratched the surface of what is possible.

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DA_SHREDDER3827d ago

But it is the worst most overhyped game I have ever played.

La Chance3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

is the most overhyped game on planet earth.

@radientflux below : lol , looks like were the only people onn plet earth to think that FF7 was a bit overrated.I think FF9 and even 8 were better than 7.

RadientFlux3827d ago

FF7 has always been my choice for most overhyped game

n00bzRtehgey3827d ago

has clearly never played lair or haze, or half of the psturd games library.

Pain3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

LMAO Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee M$ we Believe! just like the US in winning...

edit.. um how did my post get hear?

looks at time stamps... up then down ....hmmm

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smokeymicpot3827d ago

Good Luck. Hopefully they will not but some how they will

deeznuts3827d ago

Uhhh, Burger King Halo? They've already exploited it, they're just "exploring" how to do it further now. Nothing wrong with exploiting your own IP. Make that money!

StephanieBBB3827d ago

Ohhhhh so thats what it's called now... I heard Nintendo is also doing some grand "explorations" of it's franchises. *hint* *hint*

NO_PUDding3827d ago

Everyone knows it's exploitation pure and simple. I would have accused had they not brought it up.

It's not like there's much to explore in the Halo Universe it's kind of shallow.

ravinash3827d ago

Warm up those udder because its time to milk that cash cow.

potenquatro3827d ago

sun shines, grass grows, Halo, Mario, Snake, etc get explioted

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RadientFlux3827d ago

Well I always found the storyline to be excellent in the Halo series. Sure some of it is generic (aliens attacking earth), but underneath that there are a lot of unanswered questions about the precursors and humanity.

matchgrade3826d ago

Questions which Bungie has never even thought about until now when they're running out of ideas. I once read a magazine feature about Master Chief and his suit and from the answers Bungie gave, it was obvious they were getting every bit of Halo history out of their asses on the spot. It's just not thought out. Up to Halo 3 they've been winging it, which is why the stories and the endings suck.

Monchichi0253827d ago

I LOVE HALO!!! Give us more, as we want More!! (And to all the Haters, I'm talking about the MILLIONS of us out there who Love Halo and don't care what you think!)

We'll continue drinking the delicious Kool-Aid!!

rhood0223827d ago

The last time a large group "drank the Kool-Aid" it made national news.

dcbronco3826d ago

I own all three Halos. I loved the first. One of my favorite games ever. @ was not as good. 3 was average. When they release the next one, I'll wait to try it first. I won't spend money until I see what it 's like.

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Mr BlueScreen3827d ago

Is there difference? No.
Ether way its to much.

mindedone3827d ago

they are the same word, explorar. I'd like to see the translation on a blog site for that one.

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