Bungie Weekly Update 07/02/2015


This week at Bungie we're making a list of stuff that we haven’t said about The Taken King… yet.

We’ve already said that we’ll be kicking off the second year of Destiny with a major expansion. On the road to launch we plan to prove that The Taken King is more than DLC – it’s a game. Going forward, Weekly Updates will be a source of information and insight on how we’re updating Destiny for everyone this fall, highlighting key features and the content that we know you care about.

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Kribwalker1292d ago

A full game?? For $40 there's a lot more content in

Borderlands handsome collection
Gears remaster
God of war remaster
Ect, ect, ect

Id say this is just another overpriced piece of DLC

Neonridr1292d ago

"New narrative driven by cinematic cutscenes starring an engaging cast of characters"

lol.. don't make me laugh..


Destiny is like the complete opposite of everything in that statement...

it just saddens me that people will jump on this hype.

BattleTorn1292d ago

just like the "engaging" stories the Speaker wouldn't tell us about eh!

dannyolfc1292d ago

could have been great :-(, the pricing for all the dlc been a joke and its only gonna get worse cus people keep buying it

BattleTorn1292d ago

I seriously don't get how the F*K Bungie figured they could do both cross-gen & multi-year support. SMDH