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Simon Phipps, designer at Criterion Games writes on the PlayStation Blog.

Yet another exciting week here at Criterion Games. We've finally unleashed our first major content update for Burnout Paradise: Codename Cagney on the PLAYSTATION 3.

This was the much-hyped FREE downloadable pack for Burnout Paradise, bringing fans a live blog page and game event calendar, 70 new Freeburn Challenges, 3 online game modes (Marked Man, Stunt Run and Road Rage), plus a stack of changes and improvements to the game, including support for 1080i displays and improved image-quality on standard def TVs.

So, how did it go?


Jeremy Chubb, Criterion Games, replied on July 25, 2008 at 9:37 am in the comments on Playstation.Blog:

I can tell you this much - we locked our in-game awards to your save game, when we built Paradise. That means when we ship the Trophy functionality, it’ll be pay-day, if you’ve already made progress in the game!

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ToastyMcNibbles3764d ago

i love the emphasis on FREE haha good times with burnout, will definitely buy the next update

ActionBastard3764d ago

Agreed. The money I save on service, I will gladly spend on DLC.

Lifendz3764d ago

and custom soundtracks is always good.

Milky3764d ago

haha I have played burnout paradise for 63 hours and only have 29% completion. LOL.

Bordel_19003764d ago

I'm looking forward to pay-day!

TheWickedOne3764d ago

I like when devs think ahead.

agentace3764d ago

i got 101% a few weeks after burnout came out(total whorage lol) and i anit doing it again

LiquifiedArt3764d ago

Looking forward to Trophies!! WOoT! I got most of the awards so WoooooT! Platinum HERE I COME!

kevnb3764d ago

I just picked it up last week, its down to $40 for some reason.

ZombieNinjaPanda3764d ago

Isn't burnout paradise on the 360 also.

And if so, aren't they getting these updates too? I don't remember it being exclusive is it?

ToastyMcNibbles3764d ago

nah its not exclusive i think it's because the ps3 was the lead platform for burnout so i guess there's that connection between the two

Ashta3764d ago

Paradise is also on the 360, yes, but Criterion had put the game as top priority and lead for the PS3 system. The Cagney update has already been out for the PS3 for a few weeks now but the 360 update "Cagney" has been delayed until August at the earliest.

Drekken3764d ago

I took it as a PS3 blog with PS update with trophies.

Nuclearfish3764d ago

Microsoft picked up some bugs in the final stages of testing, so Criterion have been working to sort these out. Then they've got to test it all again and give it back to Microsoft for them to test it andf approve it. Right now August 4th is the earliest it could be released on 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.