Someone Will Die Playing a Game in Virtual Reality

"I felt truly frozen. In real-life my head was probably slamming forward, but in my brain’s reality I could not move my head as hard as tried. The strain in my neck and the sheer uncomfortable feeling of it wasn’t fake. It was real. For a fleeting moment my body panicked." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters2765d ago

I'm surprised someone hasn't already. Do you think it will be a badge of honor in a way. Like, if it is Oculus or Morpheus will they be able to take some sort of "that's how awesome it is" from it?

Cupid_Viper_32765d ago

I don't think Sony would ever someone dying while using one of their products as a positive. They've been in business too long and know that the backlash would be severe and could bankrupt them.

But I do think that the author brings up a very interesting point. VR has a lot skeptics, but a lot if not most of them are skeptical simply because they've never experienced it and there's not real way to properly explain it to someone who has yet to experience it. It's like to trying to explain color to someone who's been blind since birth. Some things in life simply can't be explained with words or photos, or videos.

But that being said, VR always makes me think of the Matrix movies. And I see VR as the baby steps to one day fully upload a conscious human mind into a Virtual World. Right now, VR will allow that to be a temporary thing, you put on the device and choose the game you want to get 'INTO' and voila... You're smack in the middle of a jungle and Lions and other predators are after you. Your heart rate will go up, your reflexes to protect yourself will also kick in, though temporarily because very quickly you'll realize that the lion's bites don't hurt.

But pain is nothing but a signal between the nerves and the brain, so I'm sure that soon after VR is established the next quest will be how to simulate the senses your other senses in VR. Vision and Hearing are technically conquered already, the rest will follow.

Volkama2765d ago

My response was purely based on the "badge of honour" comment. The discussion about the potential dangers of VR is a good one.

Blurmobjet2765d ago

They need to bring back "1000 Ways to Die" just for this! ^^

Muerte24942765d ago

"Virtual Reality is not far away from hitting the consumer market, with Project Morpheus, Vive and Oculus Rift heading to PC, PS4 and XBO."

Why are people thinking Oculus and Vive are now magically part of Xbox One's VR solution? They have partnered with Microsoft on PC ONLY. Halolens is MR or mixed reality. Someone explain the quote above to us.

Kitchen, Allison's Road, and (the late)P.T. and VR as a whole aren't just limited to traditional gamers. It has the potential to appeal to a broader audience much like the Wii did.

SlappingOysters2765d ago

Yeah I didn't really get my point across well with that and I apologise. I was more commenting on the fact that being able to immerse someone so much that they fall victim to their mind would be this weird middle ground between being super successful and being a tragedy.

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Eonjay2765d ago

Someone died playing League of Legends.

Neonridr2765d ago

yes but that was down to sheer addiction and not taking time to eat/drink or rest..

Perjoss2765d ago

People die jogging in the park while on a vegan diet and who have never smoked or drank any alcohol in their lives.

Mikelarry2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yeah nah im good, i couldn't do horror games on the ps1 (silent hill) why would i even want to try horror games in VR, knowing me i would probably just faint playing that demo.

so angryjoe wasn't overplaying it when he talked about this demo because he too felt this game was really scary.

JoGam2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Stop Bitchin. Im Down! Truth be told, the way they are doing VR gaming in console gaming is new. With that being said we will eventually get use to how games are in VR. Some will like it and some won't. I was actually scared as hell playing the Silent Hill demo on PS4 and that wasn't VR but I think some will enjoy horror in VR and some won't. Just like some enjoyed 3D and some didn't. I think I can handle Horror in VR. Would be scared as hell but the thought its just a game wouldn't never leave my mind.

morganfell2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"Stop Bitchin."


JoGam2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

@ Morganfell you reply to my comment however I'm not sure what ur talking about. I'm not bitchin, and I don't understand what you mean by 5 post now.

Edit: Oh you now erase your comment I see. SMDH, Carry on. Not worth it.

morganfell2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


I read you remark. Replied, then realized I misread it. Then rereading I thought, I have no idea what you are talking about in the first part. The latter makes perfect sense and I agree with you, but the first part seems more related to some earlier posts in a different thread.

nidhogg2765d ago

True. Thing is, VR is no joke. In the wrong hands, it could kill. Some guy with a heart condition but with a taste for new tech and horror could buy one and use it himself. It's still a matter of speculation but this could raise another ridiculous issue against gaming in the future.

MasterCornholio2765d ago

The best thing Sony can do is slap a health warning on the device.

nidhogg2765d ago

Yup. That's the best and SADDEST thing. I myself won't be participating in horror VR. I mean I love the horror genre in any medium but I don't want to punish myself too much. I feel like I'm killing myself rather than having fun with all the jump scares and whatnot.

CoyoteHunter2765d ago

It's a pretty scary thought, but yeah I guess it's possible. Nice write up.

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