Destiny: Where Is Xur? 3, 4 July – Why Bother?

Clipping Error report on Xur's inventory in Destiny this week, covering everything he has to offer the Guardians of Destiny.

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WizzroSupreme1206d ago

That's why I don't. Not with Destiny.

Spotie1206d ago

Then why the hell even comment?

brokenbracket1204d ago

To show his disappointment. Bungie won't know how they F'd up unless people tell them, or comment somewhere. As someone who put in over 300hrs into this game and finally took it out the console for good, I now understand why people who didn't like the game or have given up on it comment on articles. They like to see what's new with it, but also feel the need to voice their opinion when they can. Such a promising game. I hope they can fix their issues going forward. But for me, Witcher 3 will be occupying my console for the near future.

Spotie1204d ago

You think bungie is gonna be reading comments here, on an article by

Besides, this is months and months... nearly a year after release. And it's not even a comment of substance.

Disappointed? Fine. A comment here does nothing about that.

Crazay1206d ago

Got rid of my copy of destiny ages ago. Was super disappointed.