Fallout 4 Won’t Have Many Loading Screens, Howard Talks About Map Size

I don’t know if Bethesda took this cue from Rocksteady, but apparently there won’t be many loading screens to deal with in the upcoming Fallout game. As we all know, loading screens are quite a hassle and games such as Skyrim had tons of them.

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Heyxyz1230d ago

Great news, the only thing that stopped Fallout 3 and NV from perfection were the loading screens IMO.

Skate-AK1230d ago

For me it was the horrible crashing on PS3 with both games. Other people on other platforms didn't have the same problems luckily so they might have a different complaint. I would take long loading screens over hourly crashing any day.

TheSaint1229d ago

You could actually do a 'correct install' on PS3 and it worked as well as the 360 version, it was just a little known thing that Bethesda never told us.

Shame really, a lot of people would of quit because of how janky it was.

kreate1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I played it on the 360 and it had load of issues, glitches, and crashes.

Got all achievements except the dlc ones. Check my profile.

The first 10 hours are fine on both systems. But the longer u play, the more issues the game has.

Sketchy_Galore1229d ago

I got a lot of crashes on 360 too. Fallout 3 was also the game I played last on my 360 and one of my ps3s before they broke. I've never been able to figure out if that was because the game did something to my console or because I played that game about 3000 times more than anything else.

Heyxyz1229d ago

I played mostly on PS3 as well, but oddly enough both games never crashed for me. The only time a Fallout game crashed on me was when I played Fallout 3 for a few hours on my 360 (once). I would say I'm lucky, but that's not the case considering my PS4 was stolen a few days ago...

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3-4-51229d ago

* I think the scaling back in graphics allows the loading to be minimal, the game to run smoother, and the creative building aspect to all function properly and non-glitchy within the game.

* Increasing graphics would lead to one of those not be as good as it could be.

Art style is awesome for this game from what I've seen though, and I've never even played a Fallout game.

Reibooi1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

The art style looks great. Honestly nice graphics are good and all that but less graphics with great art direction wins pretty much every time.

The use of color in Fallout 4 is miles ahead of what we saw in New Vegas and Fallout 3 and I think that is just awesome.

Plus with the whole modding thing people can make the game look much better if they feel like it isn't already pretty enough.

Myst-Vearn1230d ago

'it's very dense'

This makes me very happy. While we all get excited when we hear of a massive map, it's so much more important that the map/world has tons of things to do and explore.

KyRo1230d ago

Bethesda seems like they ain't even trying. How can we still have loading in open world games in 2015? Got a feeling this is going to be as over rated at Fallout 3 was.

KyRo1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I know I'm in minority and I ain't here to slate it for no reason like a troll. I just found Fallout 3 one of the greatest let downs ever. Terrible AI, glitches everywhere, unstable frame rate, sub par graphics an animations were laughable (all this could of been from the bad port that Bethesda did with the PS3 version) Yet dispite other games getting ripped apart for them very same things, Fallout 3 got a free pass. Funny thing is I loved Fallout 1&2.

The one thing I do give Bethesda credit for is their DLC. That was done right and still some of the best even today.

Vegamyster1229d ago


"Bethesda seems like they ain't even trying."

Have you not watched all the footage they've put out? Every piece of weapon/armor can be modified heavily, you can build multiple cites and have caravans go between them, combat is reworked/less clunky, consoles will be able to use PC mods, your character is full voiced, even your pit boy has games that you can find to play on it, what else did you want?

"How can we still have loading in open world games in 2015?"

Considering linear games require loading times between levels its kind of expected a dense open world game will have some, The Witcher 3 had them as well.

"Yet dispite other games getting ripped apart for them very same things, Fallout 3 got a free pass."

What large open world games 2008 & prior when Fallout 3 was released were "ripped apart"? Most of the things you brought up were in fact bigger issues on the PS3 version minus the AI/animation.

smolinsk1229d ago

Massive? If it is the same size as skyrim then it's not massive

SolidGear31229d ago

Nah, it's the size of Tetris.

Nero21421229d ago

Hah Loading screens ? Im ready, just bought ssd and saving space for this game

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