Brett Favre to Remain a Packer -- on Madden 09 Cover

With all the talk of Brett Favre coming back to the NFL for a different team, some questioned what would happen to the Madden cover. Well, EA has set the record straight, saying that "Brett Favre [would appear] in a GB jersey, no matter what."

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Overr8ed3764d ago

man i bet Aaron Rodgers is really pissed off for not playing after 3 years.

chester3764d ago

i bet rodgers is okay with the situation. if favre stayed retired, rodgers would be battling the legend in full effect every step of the way. with all the shenanigans that have occurred, most people are backing rodgers right off the bat. if favre goes to Tampa or something and starts hurling INT's all over, even if rodgers plays bad, he's not going to hear about it nearly as much.