Is This It? Are We Breaking Up With Nintendo?

Nintendo are struggling to accept the negative criticism they've taken over recent weeks. They're now suggesting that gamers are seeing them in the wrong light. But as Nintendo's PR weakens, it seems only natural to wonder whether the big N is falling from grace.

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RPGrinder1202d ago

What is this? A blog? Is that what we have come to to needlessly bash Nintendo?

Nintendo showed games for 2015. Games with actual release dates.

This article falsely brought up xenoblade X which has been in dev for 2-3 years. Not the 8 years of Last Guardian. That game is actually out in Japan.

More factless nonsense.

wonderfulmonkeyman1202d ago

We hear these cries from doom&gloomers every single gen.
Yet Nintendo's still here and will continue to rise, fall, and rise again.