Bit-Tech: Facebreaker Hands-On

Though the game does present itself as something of a boxing game through the fact that most every player is in traditional boxing get-up and the matches themselves take place in boxing rings, this is actually all very misleading and the game is definitely more of an old-school button-mashing brawler.

There are unexplained pyrokinetic effects around people's fists and feet when they pull off special moves, ridiculous throws and effects that can be used to devastate your opponents and literally break their faces and, instead of the realism of a simulator Facebreaker has a standard health-bar interface.

The question is then; what are the important features of a beat-em-up? Well, the characters firstly, obviously. Without attractive and inventive characters, the likes of Mortal Kombat or Tekken would never of got off the ground – and Facebreaker is no different.

It's a good thing then that the characters in Facebreaker have obviously been designed with this in mind and the artists have striven to make each one unique in terms of look and feel.

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