Quantum Break: Remedy presents Umbra

The exclusive Xbox One of Remedy therefore made ​​a small sound demonstration video support with "Umbra" graphics technology software and also a plug-in used especially on graphics engine Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4.

The demonstration of the Finnish developer studio is obviously to make us understand what he heard is possible to do for sounds in the game. From near and far behind an obstacle etc.

In short, a technical element that is important not to underestimate both the sound is important in a game, just like in a movie.

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d_g1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

the character model still look good as E3 trailer

can’t wait to see Gamescom 2015 Gameplay

christocolus1230d ago

Same here. Counting down the days to Gamescom. cant wait to see new footage of QB.

nicksetzer11230d ago

This and scalebound are two games that MS really need to showcase. I cannot wait to see more of scalebound (despite the lack of info and only having seen a cgi trailer) and quantum break is just amazing. Everything from sound, to physics (like destruction and time) to the astonishing visuals. Really looking forward to Gamescom, these are games that really have my interest. Probably more than anything MS showed at E3 and what they showed at E3 was great.

HammockGames1230d ago

Definitely looking forward to more on QB and SB.

Is Crackdown going to be there as well?

Kingdomcome2471230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

With Arkham Knight out of the way, this is now my most highly anticipated game. The wait is terribly harsh, and only slightly dulled by this year's stellar upcoming lineup. I pray that the game isn't pushed back once again. My heart won't be able to withstand another delay.

TheRedButterfly1230d ago


Yes, Crackdown is going to be there as well. Spencer confirmed this during the conclusion of the E3 Media Briefing. :)

donthate1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

This looks (or should I say sounds) pretty cool!

MS is on a roll, and I love the second show after E3 with more news. I'm thinking they are revealing more exclusive first party ips?

It has been hinted by Phil Spencer.

Love the fact that MS is showing Europe some love and focusing on Gamescom as well.

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Nosred1230d ago

I agree hope this game is as grand as Alan Wake.

Ghoul1230d ago

Alan Wake, WHAT A GAME !!!!

Takwin1230d ago

I got around to playing Alan Wake on a beefy PC and it had some cool vibes but the gameplay was super weak and very repetitive. I almost always finish games I start, but I just couldn't with that one. I really thought I would like it based on reviews and a video, but it was clunky and ultimately really not fun at all to me.

Paytaa1230d ago

I never played all the way through Alan Wake since it didn't really grab me but man Quantum Break is on another level in my opinion. Been excited for this since the announcement. I hope QB and it's certain success leads to a buyout from MS so they can become a proper top tier first party dev.

DevilOgreFish1230d ago

Sounds great, This game is going to be sick. I also hope they continue to improve AI.

Neonridr1230d ago

That's pretty cool stuff. Love to see developers pushing new things.

Bigpappy1230d ago

Yes. It is when developers show these little details, that I get hyped for their games. I shows a commitment to details. Bethesda is very, very good at this sort of thing. You can tell they spend a lot of time on stuff that is not even necessary to enjoy the game, but when you notice it, you are just caught of guard by the fact that they whet through the trouble of including it.

Outthink_The_Room1230d ago

I'm actually curious why this tech would be used in Quantum Break.

The only reason I see, is for when Zero State (time stopped) happens and the character is walking around and hearing conversations from all around him.

The way the game looks to be playing out, is that you're in a specific time loop for each section. So why would hearing characters all around you be necessary, if you're essentially in a one particular zone at a time.

Either way, it's definitely cool audio tech. I just don't see the reason for this game to utilize it. Hopefully the Gamescom demo sheds more light on this game so we can see how the entire story/gameplay are woven together.

donthate1230d ago

This is probably applied to much more than just voice. Imagine explosions or bullets or something falling to the ground.

Whatever, it is advanced shit and it is coming!

Glad they are trying out things even if it doesn't seem like it would work. :D

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AngelicIceDiamond1230d ago

New footage and a release date at Gamescom.

FoxyGotGame1230d ago

Gamescom August 6th! Can't wait to see more Quantum Break! I watched the 10 min walkthrough last year, and I have to hand it to Remedy, it looks incredible. I know I'm going to love this game when it releases Spring 2016.

Not sure if I should get an X1 for Tomb Raider or wait for QB. I own other systems (PC/PS3/4/360) too, so I have to watch the pennies and finish my backlog of games. MS have worked hard to impressed me (as a consumer) this year, definitely picking up the One.

Nosred1230d ago

E3 second part is there, so great game, congratulations to Phil's team.

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