A Look at July’s PlayStation Vita Releases

Charlie Large from The Vita Lounge looks at what games will be gracing both European and North American shores this July for the PlayStation Vita.

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vongruetz1231d ago

This of course is the list of games we know are coming. Sony likes to do that whole "stealth launch" thing with a lot of their games. The store update comes out and suddenly three games we didn't know about are ready to download. It's crazy.

Paul_Murphy1231d ago

I can't see how not telling people when you game is coming out in advance helps anyone. It helps studios plan better when to release games (and avoid bigger releases)and helps gamers decide what they can prioritise and buy.

Chaz30101231d ago

There are probably three or four more awesome games coming that we don't even know about this month! It's madness!

1230d ago
Bansai1230d ago

well great, psn is down again for me [eu]

yay for paid ps+

Paul_Murphy1231d ago

A few interesting looking titles there.

liamlangan1231d ago

Plenty of good stuff coming this month, I foresee myself playing Geometry Wars 3 to death

Kal-V31231d ago

GW3 and Lost Dimension. Can't wait!

Eidolon1231d ago

Me too, pretty awesome that it's free!

ruefrak1231d ago

The more I see it, the more The Swindle looks really interesting to me. I love these side scrolling platformers on my Vita. Fez, Spelunky, Rayman, you name it. They all work really well on a handheld. I can't wait to try this one out at the end of the month.

Chaz30101231d ago

The Swindle is one of the games that I'm looking forward to trying! Will be interesting to see what it is like!

stavrami1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

The swindle I may take a look at. Speaking of vita games where the bloody hell is papers please, mercenary kings and big fest? Seems like forever since any news on these titles has been released.

vongruetz1229d ago

Stealth releases. Each one will be announced a mere few days before they launch.

stavrami1229d ago

hope so i know papers please is still in dev.but as far as i can make out mercenary kings has not even been started (well thats what i took from speaking to the dev on twitter).as for big fest they were putting on the final touches 4-5 months ago hopefully it just pops up like u say

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The story is too old to be commented.