Gamervision Hands-On Preview: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Veggie Jackson reports:

''Faithful Star Wars fans may balk at the newest chapter of the Star Wars saga, the Force Unleashed. Taking place between the third and fourth films, TFU will bridge perhaps the most intriguing gap in the Star Wars mythology. While this is excellent news for some, others, most notably sticklers for continuity, are worried about the potential damage to their beloved canon. There are already tons of books and comics that take place during that 16 year period, each one an official part of Star Wars lore, and many worry that The Force Unleashed will overwrite or undo many of the events therein. Despite those who fear the changes that will inevitably come with the new game (and associated books, comics, miniatures, etc…), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is still one of the year's most eagerly anticipated titles. And guess what – we got to play it! Does the reality of the game live up to the Euphoria/DMM-fueled hype? In a word, yes.''

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