GCM Review: Unreal Tournament III


''Unreal Tournament III delivers six modes of multiplayer action including DM, Team DM, CTF, VCTF (CTF with vehicles), Duel, and the new and totally amazing Warfare mode, an advanced and highly improved version of 2004's Onslaught mode.

For the lonely gamer there is an outstanding single-player campaign mode that will not only offer many hours of challenging gameplay, it will also server as a great training tool before you tackle real humans online. To help bridge that online gap you can play the campaign in either Private (solo) mode or Public where your campaign is added to the online servers and other games can drop in and help you out.

The 360 version adds an exclusive two-player split-screen mode for both solo play or you can even bring a buddy along for online matches. This was a huge oversight and missed opportunity on the PS3 and I was glad to see Epic redeemed themselves on this latest version. Apparently they do read the feedback on the message boards.

As for additional 360 exclusives, you have two new characters and five additional maps, as well as all of the previously available downloadable content released for the PC and PS3. Sadly, there is no mod support for the game – something the PS3 managed to offer. But then again, the Xbox Live network is regulated a bit more than the PS Network, so by disallowing mods you maintain the integrity of the gameplay experience and can rest in the knowledge that any new mods or levels will come from the developers.''

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