Why The Home Release Date Does Not Matter

Chris Rah Osiris of Playstation writes:

The latest statement from Kaz Hirai has caused quite a stir. Some people are questioning why he would make such a statement. On the Home forum on the official Playstation Forum, people are saying that this is indicative of another delay. Is there really a need to panic? Did Kaz subtly announce that we are in for another delay? I for one would say no. Let me tell you why.

There is one thing that everyone needs to take a moment to realize. Kaz said that the Open Beta would still be coming this autumn. This statement is key because of a comparison that Sony has been making for a while. Home's release will be akin to the release of Gmail. Last I checked, no one is freaking out because the official Gmail release date has not been announced. Gmail is still in Beta. I am reminded of this every time I log in to check my messages. I am sure some of you will say that Gmail is at least out and has not been delayed twice already. I cannot fault you for thinking that. But I will certainly say that it is too early to say that the sky is falling.

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Wildarmsjecht3739d ago

People with common sense pretty much understood exactly what it is he meant. But N4G has a minimal amount of people who have such a trait. As such, because of this no matter how many times we point out the actual interpretation, supply it with facts, and do a little dance, we'll have the same usual suspects downplaying, trolling, and spreading flames well into the night. Good write up though.

Overr8ed3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

i agree. i would'nt want a messed up version of Home brick my PS3 due to people nagging about Home. So am okay with delays, and we got in-game XMB which should keep us happy until Home open Beta releases. When it comes to PS3 delays people make Mountains out of ant hills.

TheHater3739d ago

What, people on N4G don't have common sense? No way, I couldn't tell by all the comments on this site :) LOL

Tempist3739d ago

All and all it's more up to the reporting journalist to put things in perspective at times. Thankfully Mr. Chris Rah Osiris has taken the time to do so.

I think, and it's good that it's finally happening, that Home is coming to the masses. This is but the true first step in getting it completed. However, none-the-less people will still be making complaints about what's lacking rather than appreciating what they'll have.

Nitrowolf23739d ago

ya me neither
i dont really care if Home gets delayed some more, like you said i wouldnt want it to brick my system or something cause of a bug. I want Home to release when sony knows its perfect. Look at 2.4, they had to take it down cause of a bug. i dont want the same thing happening with HOME. Plus with all the games coming out this year i'll be busy playing them.

253739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

i found a troll! *looks at @1.5* = )

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When your ready Sony bring it out . Sony should stop talking about home until its ready . I agree with the previous post , There are things already on the ps3 that will keep us entertain till Home comes out . Is there really a mad hysteria for home to come out or is it the media trying to bring the ps3 down again .I never seen anyone with a ps3 ask me when home is coming out . Most people don't even know what Home is . I do get this question all the time though . When is socom coming out ????

fenderputty3739d ago

because its already been delayed enough to where people don't expect it to come any time soon.

avacadosnorkel3739d ago

and I could care less if it ever comes now. Just bring me God of War 3 long before the movie and I'll forget this ever happened.

mcgrawgamer3739d ago

because the loyal fans are more than enough to clean up anything execs say and perform damage control..... :/

I couldn't care less about HOME. It sound real nice when I heard about it 2 years ago, but I've moved on. They can continue to expand the xmb and I'll be cool with it, but one thing I will say is this. The article is right, the open beta will come out this fall, not because Sony want's to deliver something groundbreaking to us ps3 fans, but because they don't want the new xbox experience to gain any more ground. People are hating on it right now, but once it's out I think the NXE is gonna convert a lot of non believers. Sony will need HOME out to say "hey we have a 3d offering as well, and we can do xyz, etc,."

Gotta love competition.

Lumbo3739d ago

funny that it was only announced 1.5 years ago so we are all totally stunned regarding you hearing about it half a year BEFORE the first word of it ever leaked.

avacadosnorkel3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Must be all the Microsoft meat you've been woofing down.

eagle213739d ago

Check out the E3 2008 real time footage from the press. Sony had real time demos running at their e3 2007 presentation by Phil Harrison. But what they have done since 2007 is even more impressive. It looks more than ready for an open beta.

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