VideoGameTalk Review: Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Daniel Hirshleifer reports:

''You know a game series has finally made it when it gets a corporate sponsorship. Of course, with most of the game publishers being a part of one mega-conglomerate or another, perhaps that's not as big of a deal as it sounds. But when a series like Guitar Hero starts signing worldwide superstar bands to be featured in their own games, you know that the title has become a massive hit. And so Guitar Hero introduces us to what will be the first of many licensed band specific games: Guitar Hero Aerosmith.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is not a sequel to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It is, at best, an expansion pack, and, at worst, a shameless money grab. I wouldn't be so disparaging if the game wasn't listed at full price ($59.99) while offering only 31 tracks and 10 bonus songs (most of which aren't worth your time, as I will explain later). Also, the developers at Neversoft took almost no time to address the various blunders that marred the last Guitar Hero game and made it such an inferior entry in the series.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith has six venues, each of which the real band actually played in at one point. Each venue is introduced by the band, who reminisces for roughly 30 seconds before you're catapulted into the set. Now, I enjoy Aerosmith, but I'm by no means an expert on the band, and the members kept referring to events that sounded infinitely more interesting than the high school they played their first show at. It's a shame Neversoft didn't give the band a little more time to talk about their own history.''

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