Epic Fail: E3 08

G4's Stephen Johnson writes:

"With E3 08 behind us by nearly a week, it's time to sit back, reflect and take stock of what we thought were the low-lights of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The show as a whole was, IMO, pretty great, but not perfect, so please enjoy Epic Fail: E3 08, and add your own impressions in our comment section!"

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Mr PS33762d ago

I'll describe Epic Fail: E3 08 in one word

PenisaurisDix3762d ago

The epic fail of E3 was when Jack talked about the "importance of PS3 exclusives" - this was one day after the MS megaton.

William Gates3762d ago

Got to Hold my hand up
We Sucked at E308
Epic Fail=Microsof E308