Pixel Junk Eden Demo Impressions

BigPete7978 of PlaystationLifestyle writes:

"Well it's time for another Impressions Article by me guys. This time it will be PixelJunk Eden that I am analyzing for you all. I have been playing the demo a lot, almost non stop since it was released. I keep finding myself comng back to this simple yet innovative title. The demo is a lot more robust than I thought it would be. I've been playing for quite some time and I just finished the 1st garden completely. Granted I was messing around for a bit, and also trying to get the handle on the controls. But the demo could almost be a full game in it's own right, and one that I would have happily been willing to pay for. I can't even imagine how much time I will throw away in the full game. Alright so down to the nitty gritty, the likes/dislikes of the game, and then I will tell you whether or not I think the final game is worthy of a purchase on day one."

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chaosatom3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

then i got bored.

Mr PS33764d ago

But i like it
Cause its on the

BigPete79783764d ago

Next Thursday can't come fast enough. Can't wait to get my hands on the full version.

blusoops3764d ago

I tried for a little while to get a handle on the demo, but i couldn't get it. :( I'll have to give it another shot i guess.

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