Parents group: still too easy for kids to buy M-rated games

Ars Technica writes: "How easy is it for children to purchase Mature-rated games? The Federal Trade Commission released its report in May, claiming that only 20 percent of its secret shoppers were able to purchase M-rated games at retail stores. The Parents Television Council was apparently skeptical of those findings, as it began its own secret-shopper program. Its findings weren't quite as positive: the report claims their shoppers were able to purchase the M-rated games 36 percent of the time.

The group found that some stores did much better abiding by the ESRB's ratings than others. Game Stop and Best Buy sold M-rated games to minors less than 10 percent of the time, while stores like Circuit City and Kmart sold the games to minors half the time, or more. The study was conducted by 16 PTC "grassroots" chapters in 16 states, visiting 100 stores and using children 11 to 16 years of age to try to purchase the M-rated content."

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Wildarmsjecht3764d ago

I dunno. Kids nowadays are maturing faster. Sure I imagine that an 11 year old wont look like an 18 year old, but at 16 nowadays, you pretty much do. There's alot of factors involved that don't help the situation. Should stores ask everyone who buys an M rated game for ID even if that person is clearly an adult? And if not, what is the line drawn to say "Ok, this one is 18+, and this one isn't albeit they look fairly the same" Then there's fake IDs. People use it for clubs no problem, and can use it for stores as well.

There will never be a 0% mature game to minor sale rate. But the less than 20% is doing very well from the past.

Ghoul3764d ago

i can seriously only say one thing to this matter.

YOU are the parents YOU have to take care what your kid is doing.
seriously im so tired of this discussion, most parents dont care what theyre kids do as long as they dont bother them. Check what your kid is playing, how long hes playing, show him some other forms of activity instead of buying your 12 year old a console so YOU have more time while your kid sits in fron of the tv.

The age rating works very very well, actually i check stores pertty often what happens when they scan an 18+ title. Most cash systems throw an alert onscreen to check id, or you hear a bleep. 18+ games here in germany for example are packed into special red cases so its obvious to see.

its time to not allways blame the industry, infact take your god damn task to protect your kid from harm serious damnit.

its not the industrys fault if your 12 year old plays gta all day long GOT IT ?

rogimusprime3764d ago

gives a damn?

Stop having kids if you don't want them playing Mature Games.

ChickeyCantor3764d ago

" Stop having kids if you don't want them playing Mature Games. "
Holy sh/t...hang your self now please =/.

ASSASSYN 36o3764d ago

When I was in line at gamestop. I watched a kid trick his mother into buying an M-rated game. Now how many times is that repeated throughout the country?

ChickeyCantor3764d ago

yep its true, i've seen that happen sh/t loads off times and it makes my blood boil.
In the netherlands its really not that of an issue.
But hearing the complaints world wide is just sad.

SSCOOLCHEA3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Everyone on the parents group are all bad parents . Since they cant control there flippin kids they want to watch others .If the parents dont care why should you care .

@2.1 really dude people need to stop having kids . Most of the people that have kids shouldn't even be having kids .

DTClown3764d ago

how about you try PARENTING! Ya know, maybe take the game(s) away that are not right for them. If my son somehow got ahold of a game that I did not approve of, it would disappear. Simple as that. No trying to lay blame on society or the place he got it. It would simply vanish. At $60.00 a pop, my son would get the picture REAL quick.

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