As Movie Studios Enter The Game Biz, They Promise Better Tie-Ins

Gamecyte writes: "It's a well-known fact that when it comes to video games, movie tie-ins are almost always licensed schlock. With creative backing from the film studios, they may look pretty and sound authentic… but in terms of gameplay they typically run the gamut from uninspired to just plain terrible. But this week, Universal, Warner Bros. and Marvel are promising change.

When I was younger and more addle-headed, I used to think the reason why movie tie-ins were so awful was because the film studio execs hated game-playing youngsters. Oh, they'd make those games all right, make them nice and cheap - in every sense of the word - and then spend their days lounging around in their penthouse suites, counting their cash and laughing maniacally at the poor souls tricked into playing the latest Batman platformer."

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