Producer: 'Alpha Protocol' Similar But Different From 'Mass Effect'

Multiplayer MTV writes: "Although "Alpha Protocol" is an action-RPG starring a government operative in modern times, I couldn't help but think of "Mass Effect" when I saw the game at E3 last week.

Everything from the dialogue tree to the real-time combat system (replete with an "active skill" wheel that pauses the combat and allows the player to choose a special attack) to the main character's circular targeting reticule echoed gameplay elements of the best-selling space saga from BioWare."

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InMyOpinion3737d ago

Sleeper hit.

Obsidian made Kotor 2 for Bioware in less than a year. They rushed it out and it was still a superb game. It will be interesting to see what they can achieve now when they have hade more time on their hands.

hano3735d ago

...This game will be better than Fallout 3.