Video game ban for prisoners in UK

Prisoners are being banned from playing violent computer games. In Particuler 18+ games at UK based prison's.

Only inmates on the highest level of Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) and those at risk of suicide will be allowed to play computer games.

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Vip3r3738d ago

Prisoners don't deserve anything. Especially not video games.

Tomdc3738d ago

yh these prisoners should just have a cold damp cell, gruel and no social interaction! Its a hell of a lot cheaper for tax payers that way as well!

SilPho3738d ago

The problem with that is that would just piss the prisoners off, if they left prison they would be more against "the man" than ever before.

It definitely needs to be tough and unpleasant, but it needs to be humane. Granted a lot of games consoles would be really pushing it, they should give them N64's and PS1s, along with empty cases of the latest games, so it's like "Think these games are good, be nice when you get out and you can play these really cool games".

gaffyh3738d ago

@1.2 - yeah and then they really would hate prison and not want to do crimes again, which is the whole point of the prison system. Prison is waay to easy if people get to play games.

skillednutter3738d ago

They are suppose to be in prison! NOT A HOLIDAY CAMP.

They get shelter, warm bed, clean sheets, 4 square meals, entertainment etc etc

They should HAVE NOTHING!

proArchy3738d ago

Convicts deserve education, and training in some form of trade. I believe its the single best crime deterrent for repeat offenders. Video games? Not so much.

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Cyberwaste3738d ago

Yeah its crazy, so much for punishment.

ry-guy3738d ago


You are in PRISON, not summar camp.

Take them all away.

Mr Man3738d ago

...this is UK holiday camp... i mean prison. The lags will just take it to court, at tax payers expense, for infringement of there human rights!

skillednutter3738d ago

its a messed up world, they gave up their human rights when they broke the law.

They knew the consequences, as do we all.

mc3737d ago

they gave up there human rights when they broke the law? im certain that human rights are universal, ie everyone. There especially needed for people in prison. Where are you from, North Korea?

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The story is too old to be commented.