New SOCOM, Katamari and Viva Piñata in January EGM Rumors

In the upcoming issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the rumors section has news on a bunch of new SOCOM, Katamari Damacy and Viva Piñata titles coming out as well as Microsoft's plan for continued domination.

* Sticky Balls - New Katamari for Wii, PS3 and Xbox Live arcade.

* Turning War Around - Microsoft is crafting a brilliant plan to flip flop Gears and Halo every year, so expect Gears of War 2 in 2008 and a new Halo game in 2009.

* Count the COMs - three new SOCOM games are in the works. One on PSP and two on PS3.

* Mii Crossing - Mii's will be your avatar in the next Animal Crossing. All the shirts and accessories you collect will cross over to other games.

* Hudsun is releasing a TG16 pack with 3D remakes of Bonk, Adventure Island, and Super Star Soldier for the PS2.

* Rare is working on a Viva Pinata Kart racing game.

* NFL may drop EA once it's contract expires in a few years.

I always wonder why game companies continue to turn any type of successful franchise into a cart game but they must sell if the trend continues. Oh, before I forget, I hope the NFL drops EA like a bad habit if they don't step up their next gen efforts with Madden in the upcoming years.

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DixieNormS6425d ago

Madden is great but if 2k was still out, Madden would of been sh!t loads better. But 2k would still beat it.

original seed6425d ago

katamary was the only reason why i had a PS2 in my house. They were hella fun. It would be awsome to have part3 as a Live Arcade game. Very covinient. Hope it pans out.

kingboy6425d ago

hell yeaaa!! Socom for ps3 is what i need onine only

Gh0stDrag0n6425d ago (Edited 6425d ago )

Yes, the lag should be just as good on the PS3 as it was on the PS2.
A good game ruined by a horrable network service.

big_tim6425d ago

Would be awesome every year. They will be luck if they can get a Halo game every other year unless they have other companies working on it. Maybe Halo wars in 2009!

r10006425d ago

OH man i hope EA gets dropped..... I loved the NFL2K series....

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Rumored Gears of War Collection is at the top of my 2024 Xbox wishlist

As the long-rumored Gears of War Collection looks like it may finally materialize on Xbox, the timing could not be better as Gears 6 and movie news swirls.

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1Victor181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

(Insert “It should be multi platform if Microsoft investors wants more money” JK here)
All jokes aside congratulations to all the gears fans it will be a blast I remember having fun on the first one on my 360 elite till got RROD and quit Xbox all together but that’s a story for another day.
Congratulations 🎊 🍾 🎉 🎈 🎉 🙏

Wyesvin181d ago

I'm excited for this just aslong is on the pc also cause I don't have the newest xbox console.

shinoff2183181d ago

I enjoyed the tactical one. I can't remember the actual name but it was fun.


Gears of War Collection allegedly in testing phase for Xbox release

Marcus Fenix and the crew could be back on your screens once more, as the rumored Gears of War Collection is near completion on Xbox.

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VenomUK182d ago

Switch and PS5 owners are gonna love this.

ChiefofLoliPolice182d ago

Nobody on PS5 or Switch cares.