Game Stooge Review: N+

Game Stooge writes: "N+ isn't the easiest game to classify. It's a platformer, a collect-a-thon, a ninja game, but it's also a test to separate the men from the boys, with over 200 levels to go through and a difficult that ramps up drastically around level 60. Once you get there, N+ is less of a game and more of precision calibration machine for your hand-eye coordination. You can check out the PC demo here; it won't take more than a few seconds.

Each level consists of 4 stages, and each stage is one screen in size. The object of the game is to navigate your ninja through the level avoiding mines, roving drones, falling from great heights, lasers, rockets, machines guns, burning platforms, and so on. You must do all of this while a timer at the top of the screen slowly disappears. The timer can be replenished, even above its original threshold, by collecting the gold scattered around the stage. That's about it."

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