Nintendo not too interested in WiiWare?

In a video interview with MTV, Reggi Fils-Aime provided a remark regarding Nintendo's involvement in WiiWare. "When we developed WiiWare our focus, as we discussed, was on smaller developers, brand new content, different types of content. Will we put out the occasional first-party WiiWare? Absolutely. But it's predominantly meant to be much more exploratory, experimental and for these brand new third-party developers." Basically, it seems as though Nintendo is stepping aside to let smaller third-party developers step in. The stance of the company makes sense, but how many games will we end up playing? So far, there have been three WiiWare titles partially developed by Nintendo, although none of them have been handled by an internal development team.

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ChickeyCantor3789d ago

Nice twist on the title >_>
They are interested but they are giving the developers more chance for them to shine.

PS360WII3789d ago

Yeah why is it bad that Nintendo wants 3rd parties to show us what they can do with WiiWare

sumfood4u3788d ago

Creativity starts with Dedication!

Fernando Rocker3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The article title is way out of context...

Anyway, WiiWare so far has been very good. I mean, is a new service... the service was released less than two months ago and the game selection is good.

In my personal collection: Dr. Mario, Final Fantasy, Defend Your Castle, Gyrostarr, Toki Tori, LostWinds (beautiful, by the way)... 6 good games in less than 8 weeks.

And next monday I will buy the new episodic game by Telltale: Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.

Telltale is showing a lot of love for the Wii: Episodic game on WiiWare (Strong Bad), and Sam & Max Season 1 on Wii retail next month. I hope they bring also to the Wii the new Wallace & Gromit game.

The Wii Remote IR Pointer is great for point and click adventure games.

sajj3163789d ago

I think folks are not understanding the expectations of WiiWare. Its similar to XBLA concept of Community Games. It gives other small budget third party developers a chance to create games on the Wii!

Altered_Soul3789d ago

Thats a pretty darn misleading title, as Reggie basically said something that is actually very positive for the wii, which is small third party support through WiiWare. I kinda thought thats what it was all about. He is merely stating that they wish to leave it to the third parties while once in a while adding their own flavor to the mix.

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