Exclusive interview on Naruto PS3; anime/game relationship explained

French videogame website JEUXVIDEO spoke with Hitoshi Matsuyama, Producer of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, on the PS3 development and its relationship with the anime series. Hit the jump to watch the video-interview.

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decapitator3790d ago

Am is addicted to the demo. So good. So beautiful. Its a day one.

Drekken3790d ago

It is beautiful... I just didnt get into it like I wanted to. I feel kind of disconnected with the gameplay.

LOVE the animations though. I cant wait for Valkyrie and Afro Samurai

[email protected]3790d ago

Same here deca, same here ^__^

Liquid Dust3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

@ Decapitator-->I was a little confused on the control scheme at first since im used to traditional fighters, but once you get the hang of the feel and motion of the fighting still the game portrays, like the anime series of course, it quickly becomes something very unique and likable.

Really looking forward to this one, the demo was rockin, but i dunno how im going to be able to afford all of these great PS3 games this fall

need to find a plasma center nearby or somethin...

Harry1903790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

the game is the absence of online play. It totally rocks otherwise.

Are there trophies?

Megaton3790d ago

I'm addicted to the demo too, and I don't even like Naruto.

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Daver3790d ago

I hate this anime and i dont know anything about naruto but the game is awesome, well the demo was. Its a fun fighting game, unfortunetly it looks way better than MK vs DC

Baka-akaB3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Let's no mention that trash , the DC mmo looks even better than that MK game .

Regardless of fanboyism issues , it's obvious that only CyberConnect2 on ps2 , psp or now ps3 truly gets the franchise , and respect its artstyle to begin with ...

No thick stupid black lines to make it looks like an anime , no stiff and wrong animations , no weirdly rendered realsitic backgrounds with yet again those annoying black lines ... more than just flashy 3d lights ro effects , no clean renders inside those lines without shadow and just clean cheap texture but actual shadows or inking effects... they truly get cellshading and at least in designs , how to render an anime adaptation .

i'm very peculiar when it comes to cell shading , as i feel that most of the time it's so badly done . Thats why something like ubi's naruto tick me off , regardless of the involved platform . its not a console turf war thing , since i also dislike how their prince of Persia new title looks .

POP seems actually beautifully well rendered , but imo that damn filter they lazily applies as cellshading ruins it a bit . They just have done it better , and not just mix up what looks like a "black line and bright colors" filter to they good and "realistic" renders and backgrounds . It's not a matter of it not looking cartoony and realistic , both just go hand to hand and worked upon .

Now , as for the gameplay , again CC2 already nailed it long ago , with their refinement and changes , it only gets better and unmatched . All they need is to improve their adventure/rpg modes , wich they do every time , despite what some people try to forget .

poopsack3790d ago

10x better than I though it would be! and i already had high expectations for it. it rocks

RAM MAGNUMS3790d ago

has anybody played a fighting game can see this is no ordinary fighter.
its more than just mashing, there is a finnesse of techniques!

this is the true naruto game & mores sales equal to obvious
multiplayer download. My theory.
no doubt this will sell & I have no problem playing a friend at thier house.

Truly remarkable & I'm just talking about the demo I spend a hour on

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