Miyamoto: We ARE working on new Mario

MCV: Nintendo dev chief confirms new title as he says he works best on 'traditional'-style games

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Bombibomb3740d ago

Yawn. Something new please.

StephanieBBB3740d ago

exactly! How about working on a new IP with something that involves more slashing and shooting than jumping? Is it so hard?

chasuk083740d ago

You say something new please, but when has a solo mario game ever dropped below 90% on metacritic ??? How about never. The fact is mario may be overused but the games mario has on his own are some of the best games in the industry.

TheFreak3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

ffs what are u guys talking about?Super Mario games are almost all classics. Why something new when Mario IS GAMING on its best??And Nintendo dont just copy previous Mario games they always add new things to the games. Why no hate against other devs when they release sequels???

badz1493740d ago

it's not wrong but it just feels wrong! you are right by saying that every installment of Mario will have something new but the sad truth right now about Nintendo's console especially the Wii, the only games making impact on it is those containing Mario and friends and that's just how SAD the Wii is despite the major success!

TheFreak3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

yeah but u never hear complaining about sequels like MGS, GTA, Final Fantasy ++++ But when its Nintendo its complainig 24/7. Nintendo cant do nothing right...

Bubble Buddy3740d ago

Can they think up of something new?

riqued3740d ago

Wii only has a few of these overused franchises. Mario, Zelda...?

If I get tired of MGS I just pick up FF, or GTA, Resistance, or LOTs of other hardcore games.

Nintendo is right to milk Mario, but don't you want something new too?

incogneato3740d ago

too little too late nintendo. you are already on my sh!t list

TheFreak3740d ago

I own a ps3 and a wii so I get the best of both worlds :)

Lukatoll3739d ago

I know what you mean :D

360 and Wii baby!

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kg73103740d ago

You are always working on new marios!!! and everytime its the same thing >:(

deeznuts3740d ago

Exactly. we know you are working a new mario. You wouldn't even exist but for working on new marios. We get that, and that is fine. The games are good. But you don't need to tell us that.

Tell us what else you are working on.

mepsipax3740d ago

well, seeing as super mario galaxy, was one of the highest rated games last year, and was one of my favorite games too. seriously stop being such fanboys and just play the games, if the games good, it's good, miyamoto makes damn good games and is recognized as a pioneer of the industry, I welcome a new traditional mario game, whether that would be on the ds or wii (or wiiware?) I don't care, as long as I actually have something to look forward to on my Nintendo platforms, seeing as there's only a few gems on the horizon. Why do you count all the spinoffs of mario as his games anyway? games like kart, smash, sports all those games aren't mario games they're spinoffs, but mario 64, sunshine and galaxy have all been excellent, and they're not the same, they all have the same core gameplay but are diffrent in many ways, whatever, ignorance only affects you.

Miraak82 3740d ago

I'm still waiting on Mushroom Kindom Hearts lol..... I can keep dreaming!!

Rayko3740d ago

When people want Mario to start shooting and slashing in FPS mode, then you know that the game industry is really bad. HALO, COD, Counterstrike goshhhh please, it is hard to find more boring games than those. Gears of war on the other hand is great!! :)

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