Sony promises Leipzig 'blockbuster'


"At an exclusive European media briefing, SCEE president David Reeves told MCV that global announcements and 'blockbuster' revelations will emerge from the Leipzig event, and even backed the possibility of a London-based show."

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pwnsause3790d ago

well thats a pretty bold statement, you better shock me Mr. Reeves.

Bombibomb3790d ago

All they need is Heavy Rain. Microsoft will show a teaser for the next Halo from Bungie but Sony, like always, will announce new things.

-M4verick-3790d ago

lol you sound like you're convining yourselfs now. What antoher CGi trailer?

PS3 sucks!!!

pwnsause3790d ago

"lol you sound like you're convining yourselfs now. What antoher CGi trailer?"

Why not, CGI trailers are welcome, since the PS3 can match it unlike the flopbox. see what i did there, dont fall in your own trap.

Tmac3790d ago

Lmfao Another CGI Trailer, lol! Everytime Sony has showed us a CGI trailer the in-game graphics matched it, can't wait for you to eat your words.

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Bombibomb3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

E3 was awesome in my opinion. M.A.G. & God of War 3 announcements + we finally got to see gameplay for InFamous, which looks incredible by the way but what I really wanted to see at E3 was Heavy Rain, which will be at Leipzig next month. Stage presentation by Quantic Dream, in fact.

NO_PUDding3790d ago

Yer it's weird that they didn't pump more of the awesome annoucnements at America which is according to them, the only place where they aren't in the lead.

Anyway, does this hitn at all at Team ICO? Global, and important in Europe? I Damn well hope so, even though TGS seems way more likely.

Vojkan3790d ago


Well E3 was not awesome. Really? We only saw mediocre GOW3 CGI vid and same goes for MAG another pre render vid. Sony press conference was solid but nothing amazing.
360 press was pathetic, me 2 copy cat and Nintendo well no comment there...

3790d ago
marinelife93790d ago

Did MS save it's Halo bullet for Europe? Will they have any ammo left for Tokyo or did they shoot their load?

Gorgon3790d ago

MS may be saving the anouncement of Halo for Europe to try to goad the europeans into buying more Xboxes. The problem is that Halo is an US centred IP, its not really the type of stuff that resonates much in Europe. They would have been smarter to play that card in the US E3. But then again, I don't think they have much more cards to play and this may be a way to spread out their announcements to atually have something at all to show throughout the year.

incogneato3790d ago

E3 was awesome indeed and to think Sony is promising a blockbuster at Leipzig, which is so soon, has me giddy like a school girl. LOL.

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cp683790d ago

Sony better announce so huge that it will make us forget about FFXIII 's lost exclusivity.

Regret3790d ago

You can still play it on your PS3 :S It's not canceled for PS3 dammit.

LastDance3790d ago

hahaha... Yeah ...coz ..thats all i err...think about all day......

thor3790d ago

FFXIII going to 360 was 360 news. I don't care about 360 news because I don't have a 360. Looking at Sony's E3, it could have been better, but it wasn't bad at all. We saw Killzone 2 multiplayer, more littlebigplanet (awesome as always), infamous gameplay, 2 major new game announcements for ps3, loads of PSN and PSP announcements, motorstorm 2 was looking more polished, resistance 2 looked gorgeous in places (ugly in others but it can be improved upon hopefully). So as I say, it wasn't bad.

cp683790d ago

mate i'm tired of shooters. Enough already. Enough with killzone2, enough with resistance 2, enough with socom, enough with shooters. What the hell is wrong with this generation of gaming providing us shooters 24/7? i want more action-adventures games, i want more platform games, i want more puzzle games, and most of all i want more ROLE PLAYING GAMES.
Where are the bloody RPGs?

thor3790d ago

I have an idea why, it's because RPGs have the longest development cycle and cost to produce _anyway_, add that to the already high cost of PS3 game development and it really is significant to create an AAA RPG, just look at how much they're spending on killzone 2; and they don't even need to think up much of a story, make a 40+ hour game, or record lots and lots of dialogue etc.

However, I can't think that team ICO will be making a shooter, and if it involves shooting in any way it certainly won't be traditional. Plus, Square Enix has promised us something, and Heavy Rain will be an action adventure, more similar to an RPG (in fact it may fall loosely into that category but we don't know yet).

Also, I'm sure that naughty dog are working on uncharted 2 and that.... is another shooter. The game that was just announced (Hardware 2 or whatever) is a shooter, albeit vehicle based but another shooter. MAG is a shooter. It has 256 player online, so what? I bet after 6 months of release there won't even BE 256 players playing it at any given time, because all the shooter fans will be spread wafer-thin across all the numerous shooter franchises.

cp683790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

All i'm looking forward to these upcoming 12 months are:
*Heavy Rain
*God of War III
*Team ICO's secret project
*Metal Gear Solid 5
*and of course, JRPGs

All the others can kiss my butt.

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Bombibomb3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )


NO_PUDding3790d ago

But the reason I mentioned it is becuase he said it was worldwide.

And Team ICO is important the world over in a cult (although it's getting bigger and bigger) way.

Gorgon3790d ago

Yes, but Reeves said they are going to spread out the announcements throughout E3, Leipzig and TGS, so "Ico3" will certainly be announced at TGS. At leipzig we will be hearing (and seeying) Heavy Rain.

And no, "Ico3" won't be a shooter, thats for sure.

ustayclassyn4g3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

yeah ico would more likely be shown at tgs, but where'd it say the blockbuster game is a shooter? it'd be disapointing if it's another shooter, resistance2, mag, Killzone 2, bioshock, not like there's a gap for them.

DarkBlade3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Stop getting my hopes up God dammit. LOl

@Gorgon Imagine Sotc with Guns. that would be freakin Awesome. But nothing beat Wander's awesome weapons. Harpoon of Thunder rules.

Gorgon3790d ago


huh...I really hope they don't do SotC with guns...


DarkBlade3790d ago

that why i wrote but nothing beat wander weapons. It would be a stupid to add gun in a game that seem gun isn't even invented in that time.

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Dream Machine3790d ago

I swear, if they announce one more generic FPS I'm going to scream. Me wants Heavy Rain, and other innovative games.

A London based show would be awesome, maybe I could sneak in somehow...

kosha3790d ago

Yeah i was thinking that maybe i could do a mgs style sneak in if they go to london. I also wanna see heavy rain.

NO_PUDding3790d ago

I would be there.... I woudl love that so much.

thePatriot3790d ago

you look at these shoters and cant say they are generic. they are all unique in a wery big way. (its just that there is so many of them) call of duty world at war wolfestain quantum of solace, preety much all the 3rd party games are generic but we cant change that

TheDude2dot03790d ago


Doing a sneak king impression will be a lot more effective.

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