Microsoft Wrong about Final Fantasy XIII X360/PS3 Release Timing

Microsoft and Square Enix are telling conflicting stories regarding the release timing of the PS3 and X360 versions of Final Fantasy XIII according to Gameplayer. Writer Chris Stead has clarified his reasoning for why Final Fantasy XIII will not see the light of day until at least 2010 on Xbox 360 which includes the revelation.

"Now as to Microsoft's claims that the game will release simultaneously alongside the PS3 version in English territories, well, unless they know that the English PS3 version will be held up until the Xbox 360 version is ready – which would suck balls - then that contradicts what Square Enix told us directly."

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B-Rein3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

it totally agree what they are sayin there,
i think the ps3 shud come out first here in eu and us timed exclusive instead of both versiond relesed at 1s cus i jus cant wait for this game, if it gets delayed cus of xbox 360, then fans would be a bit angry

Genesis53737d ago

Well hope we don't all suffer because of MS and their damn cheque book. That would cheese me off.

Jamie Foxx3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

version,they said the 360's version will release across europe and the usa simultaneously(BIG DIFFERENCE),people need to read whats infront of them and not what they would like to see

TOSgamer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

includes a clause for a date and day release with the PS3 English version. And yes, I believe this does mean they will hold off the PS3 version until the 360 version is done. Of course they'll put out some bull reason for the delay like Bethesda did with the Fallout 3 DLC. I'm sure MS also makes them sign a NDA where SE can't publicly state the true nature for the delay.

Jack Bauer3737d ago

"available at launch in NA and EU", means available when they are launched in each territory... ENG 101.

gaffyh3737d ago

Exactly, this is what I've been saying from Day one of E3. Localisation does NOT take as long as porting a game

mikeslemonade3737d ago

If this is true then this confirms Microsoft payed for FFXIII. Square-Enix would have no incentive other wise to keep a finished game off the market.

Lifendz3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

if I have to wait for them to make a 360 port before I could play it on my PS3. I'm not sure if Square is trying to wiggle some money from Sony to ensure that it at least comes out for PS3 in NA and Europe when it's ready or not, but if Square delays the game just to make the 360 version that's going to P off PS3 owners, FF fans, and anyone that wanted the game ASAP.

If you own a 360 it's not like you're not getting the game at some point. You can still not buy a PS3 to play it. But if you're like me and dying for the next installment in Final Fantasy, you just want the game.

I'll be following this closely.

Edit: Does this mean we may have versus in the U.S. and Europe before 13? If 13 gets delayed for a substantial amount of time due to the whole 360 thing, then maybe they just release versus, no?

AuburnTiger3737d ago

"Means available when they are launched in each territory." Fragment (consider revising)....MSWord

Lifendz3737d ago

it's only a fragment because you made it one. His sentence as a whole is not a fragment.

PimpHandHappy3737d ago

i will have a true hate for MS if them buying this game means PS3 owners will need to wait for the games release!

and tell the truth even the 360 fans on this site should hate this also if its true that MS is the cuase for FF fans to have to wait that much longer for the game!

I can care less because im not a FF guy but for the fans of the series this move by MS is indeed a sh!t move for gamers! If its true that it delays the PS3 version!

I was still thinking of buying a 360 after a real price cut on this new 60GB 360! If they delay FF for the PS3 just to deny Sony fans this game i will never buy anything from MS and i will spit much stronger venom anytime i post

Megatron083737d ago

@Genesis5 we all had to suffer a 6 month delay for GTA4 cause of sony and "their damn cheque book". So if we have to suffer cause of MS and theirs then well its all good.

Stryfeno13737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

That was what I said when GTA4 was held back because of PS3 developement. They should release the game on which ever console version is done.

However, 360 owners suffered alot on multiplatform games being held back because of the PS3. With this news, I see no reason why they shouldn't hold it back for us.

FantasyStar3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I thought of that too, GTA4 was delayed cause of the PS3 version. But I guess the difference here is that FF Fans are going to want this game more, and Microsoft is holding them back because of their own business interest at the last moment. Back with GTA4, it was decided through contracts long ago that the 360 & PS3 Version would release simultaneously, so the world already knew that there could be delays to shape up both versions of the game. But a sudden PS3 Exclusive gone multiplatform and then the game is delayed because of it is just wrong because it's like being shafted at that last moment. Sure it's being very picky, but in this scenario it makes Microsoft look like dillholes for even making it multiplatform cause every FF fan loses out because of Microsoft's deep-pockets and some 'incentives'.

I really do agree that this is karma payin itself back for GTA4's release, but I really feel that unlike GTA4's release, Sony didn't suddenly jump out and force Rockstar to delay the 360 version. That was decided long ago in 2007.

Exquisik3737d ago

Why are you guys comparing the development of GTAIV to FFXIII? FFXIII was announced as an exclusive for the PS3 ever since day one until just recently at E3 08. The game was in development for the PS3 for years and was more than likely supposed to release sometime in the near future. And now since SE wanted to develop the game for the 360 also, the release date of both version will probably be extended if it planned to release both version simultaneously.

But in GTAIV case, both versions of the game were announced and developed at the same time. Sure both cases involve with prolonging the release of the game due to development pertaining to a certain console, but the reason behind each case is different.

MikeGdaGod3737d ago

i'm not a FF fan at all so its just the principle of it all that upsets me. the thought of making fans of the game wait just because MS told them to pisses me off.

if PS3 owners have to wait longer because of MS, i'll just skip the game all together. i've never played a FF game anyway so it wouldn't be a big lost for me. i was just going to buy it to see what all the hype was about. but if Square doesn't care about PS3 owners and would have them wait just to please MS, then i don't care about them.

they can keep that sh!t

tplarkin73737d ago

"As Square Enix later clarified, the game is being finished for the PS3 first for Japan, then work will begin on porting it to the Xbox 360 for a simultaneous release in the U.S. and Europe"

incogneato3737d ago

i hope it happens. it will soften the sting a little, even though Final Fantasy has sucked since FF7 & FFT, i know that this is a big deal for some people and i hope it turns out great.

Wolf8733737d ago

then even M$ boys should see what real piece of garbage that corporation really is. And as for people saying GTA-4 was delayed because of PS3, well so what...GTA was Playstation's exclusive game at one point and deserves a simultaneous release at the very least.

Topshelfcheese3737d ago

The GTA4 delay was not the PS3 fault, both versions where not done. My friend works for rockstar and gave me the scoop way back when they first announced the delay. Blaming the PS3 was an assumption by many sites that seemed to become fact in alot of people tiny brains.

Megatron083737d ago

@Topshelfcheese fun cause my friend's brothers's dog's nephew's uncle's siter told me that her dad works for rockstar andthat he said the MS version for GTA4 was done 3 month ahead of the oct 25 release date.

As for it not being the same cause GTA was announce early on as being multiplatform. Not knowing the release date for FF13 you cant say that its any different. Its been rumored for a long time now that FF13 wouldnt be out in the states till 2010. So that gives SE 2 years to work on the 360 version. Also the offical word from SE is that it wont effect the release date. Even if it is delayed it the same as GTA4 being delayed cause no matter how you try to spin it in the end its always the same both versions were delayed cause of sony and the ps3. So if it ok for games to be delay cause of sony and the ps3 then its ok for games to be delayed cause of MS and the 360

@Wolf873 your an idiot btw no GTA game has ever been exclusive to sony/ps

kazuma3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

perhaps he meant console exclusive? timed-exclusive?
gta1 was only available on the pc and ps1 (simultaneous)
gta2 was available on pc and ps1 (simultaneous) and 6 months later or whatever dc
gta3 was only on ps2, 6 months later pc, 6 months later xbox
gta vice city ps2 only, 6 months later pc, 6 months later xbox
gta san andreas ps2 only, 6 months later pc,xbox

don't take the 6 months period too seriously, it's just an "default" example i'm giving, i'm pretty sure it took longer every single time

edit @ megatron08: lol perhaps, now he knows when they came out =D

Megatron083737d ago

@kazuma maybe but I doubt it odds are he's just some brainless fanboy that doesnt know anything about games beside the system he plays them on.

Infernus3737d ago

Rockstar did say the delay was not due to the PS3 version. They put the game back and developed the multiplayer, there was an article on here a while before GTA4's release.

Blaming the PS3 version was a 360 fanboy concoction last year, the time when the 360 fanboyism was rife on this site (TheMart being the main culprit), now that that's calmed down and the PS3 is [seemingly] doing better in the news everyone assumes the PS3 fanboys have taken over (Like this site is some kind of turf war) when that's not the case, it's just things have calmed down a lot since last year and the PS3 has actually got better in the eyes of the press. Just because the PS3 is doing well doesn't mean PS3 fanboys run this site lol.

As for FF13, Square have said that localisation for the PS3 version starts at the same time as the development for the 360 version, I doubt that a port can be completed before localisation is done...

jadenkorri3737d ago

im planning on buying a 360 for fable 2, but if ffXIII is delayed due to the 360, I'll be f'in pissed...FF13 was exclusive until recently, so if FF13 is done, it better release before the 360

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dale13737d ago

i think he hit the nail on the head

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Will the xBox 360 still be around by then!!! ;-D

3737d ago
Pain3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

yes in the form of XBOX 3...

but like the Zillions in the end....PS3 version please.

3737d ago
Yoichi_Wada3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Oh no, i will try my best in makin the PS3 version of Final Fantasy timed exclusive, but micro$oft took my son captive, please im sorry Final Fantasy fans as soon as my assault group get him back i will do my best to make it timed exclusive.

Ps Im soo sorry Ken-san
Also you are right Sh*tbox 360 will definitly die by then, so i wont get attacked by Micro$oft anymore and ill only develop games for the best console of all time PS3

I, Yoichi Wada, say "PS3 is a MONSTOROUS machine with capabilites far superior to any other games consoles ever made, it has no limitations unlike the Sh*tbox 360 which has so many"
(This was done before he was bribed at the E3 conference)

Square Enix Company, Limited

n to the b3737d ago

the word is spelled 'pinnacle', d1psh1t.

3737d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3737d ago

@Pain ;) xBox 3??? Er why bother??? ;-D

@Yoichi_Wada ;) Hope your Son is ok now! ;-D Hopefully you will have good News for us PS3 Fans soon;)

@pinicle of life ps3 ;) Good name you got there;)

@n to the b = n00b to the bUM!!! ;-D
Haven't a clue what he is saying because i got all the xBot Lemmings on 'ignore'!!! ;-D Not interested in their rubbish thay say!

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kg73103737d ago

I just hope it comes out early 2009 on the ps3 :/

Playstation Man3737d ago

But White Knight Chronicles is to be released in Japan before March 31, 2009!! Good news!

Also, if Square does delay the NA release for the 360 version to play catchup, I don't care if they are making the FF7 remakes or not, SCREW EM'. 20 years loyal to them since FF on the NES and now a double standard where PS3 versions of The Last Remnant can be delayed but not the 360 version of FFXIII?

I'd be one angry freaking customer.

Honeal2g3737d ago

Dont know if they heard of this little title called Star Ocean 4 which runs on Crystal tools and for the moment is exclusive for the 360 and is scheduled for a march 2009 release and has already shown gameplay...other than that he makes some good points but i felt his main point was contradicted when he said

"So we know Square Enix hasn’t started working on the Xbox 360 version at all yet, a format to which they and the Crystal Tools engine are very new. We’re well aware that Square Enix is familiarizing themselves with the architecture of the Xbox 360 with The Last Remnant, but that runs on the super-box-friendly Unreal Engine 3."

Maybe the team makin final fantasy isnt involved while Star Ocean is a joint production between another division of square and tri-ace ..but the fact is 360 has long been exposed to the Crystal Tools engine plain and simple.

wicked3737d ago

@ E3 they said it would be released at the same time in USA & Europe. Major Nelson also confirmed this in his pod cast.

PirateThom3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Then all Microsoft are doing is making gamers wait for a game.

If this game is finished for PS3 it should be released, I have a PS3, I shouldn't have to wait for 360 to play catch up.

Just as developers didn't make 360 owners wait for PS3 versions.

Bombibomb3737d ago

Pretty much what I wanted to say. Square-Enix have confirmed that they're finishing the PS3 version first before porting it to 360.

Black_Jack3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

come on, it makes more sense to realease it when its ready, if the localised ps3 version of XIII is ready before the 360 version then release it, why should we wait? nelson saying it doesn't mean sh!t btw

deeznuts3737d ago

Same time meaning USA and Europe at the same time? Or Same Time in PS3 and 360, in USA and Europe?

See what happens when idiot websites who have the chance to ask good questions at PC's and intereviews fail to do so, to clarify a very pressing question? Nobody freaking asked them to clarify this. As Niko Belic would say, "Eeedeeeots!

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xaphanze3737d ago

if they do come out simultaneously then well have to wait another couple of years :)