Games For Windows Live Is Now Free, Should Xbox Live Follow Suit?

Microsoft's decision to make Games For Windows Live free is a step in the right direction, one which should be well received by gamers and developers alike. Paying 5 dollars a month for Xbox Live, however, may seem too much for some, but is it justified?

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dadice3763d ago

It doesn't need to be free - it's SOOOOOOOOO much better than what Wii and PS3 are doing they can get away with charging.

treacherous_gamer3763d ago

I have to agree. Paying for Xbox Live isn't that much. I mean come on, can't you spend 5 bucks a month? The service is great but I believe PSN has some catching up to do. Still, excited about Home though. As the article points out "Free doesn’t necessarily mean better, however."

Ghoul3763d ago

no its nice to pay for a service i had for free ... once upon a time.

but its ok let them milk you.

Fototherapist3763d ago

I still think that when I buy a game that comes with online multiplayer, I should be able to access that feature without having to pay a premium. It's as simple as that. I don't need live chat or any of that nonsense. I just want to play online.

hfaze3763d ago

What exactly is it about Live that is so much better than PSN? The ONLY feature that Live has that PSN (currently) does not that I would even care for is the short voice messages cross-game.

Other than that, what else is there? Cross-game invites? That's just a pain in my a$$... When I'm playing CoD4, I don't really want to be bombarded with invites to play Halo 3... Besides, by the time you quit the game you're already in, swap the games, and get into the game you were invited to, the lobby is usually either full or already in-game...

And to anyone trying to say that getting into online games on Live is better than PSN, need I remind you of this last Christmas holiday when doing ANYTHING on Live was painful to say the least, while I was having a blast with CoD4 on PSN. Live is not the end-all, be-all that people like to make it out to be...

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immarriedtoafatchick3763d ago

hey sony is doing it why arent they? copy cats :P

immarriedtoafatchick3763d ago

jesus owners that only own 1 console (xbox 3gimped) dunno that psn passed xbox live months ago lmao

ps360fella3763d ago

lol keep believing that i for one a psn user knows that xbl is better.

SickNick853763d ago

I hope so...many people in europe buy a 360 if the live will be free

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The story is too old to be commented.