Ubisoft comes clean on Splinter Cell delay

CVG: Conviction pushed back to 2009-2010 fiscal year - "back to the drawing board"?

Don't say we didn't tell you; Ubisoft has officially delayed Splinter Cell: Conviction into its 2009-2010 fiscal year, after Xbox World 360 mag reported so back in May of this year.

The ambitious stealth instalment will now be released some time between April 2009 and March 2010. Previously it had a release date before Q1 2009.

A few months back Xbox World 360 magazine reported that the game had been taken "back to the drawing board" and pushed back into the festive period of 2009 - or as late as spring 2010. Nail on the head, then.

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Alexander Roy3741d ago

Probably March 2010? Ouch.

Bob Dole3741d ago

On the next console. Maybe that's why it couldn't be done on the PS3. It couldn't even be done on the 360.

Bombibomb3741d ago

You want the real reason? It looked and played like Assassin's Creed. They're also using the same engine.

marinelife93740d ago

I don't think they were intimidated by Assassin's Creed it's in there own studios. I think MGS4 caused them to go back to the drawing board.

2010 will give them just enough time to make a PS3 port.
(I'm a hypocrite because I wouldn't by the game for PS3 anyway)

THE_MACC3741d ago

Yeah it did. and then the gamer reaction to Assassins creed, was so poor that it's made them panic. I didn't mind Assassins creed, but it could have been so much better.

LastDance3741d ago

I reckon assassins creed had so much a ridiculous amount. It's a shame.

Baka-akaB3741d ago

I doubt its the poor reaction that scared them , its just that they probably felt the world would laugh at them for probably the same game either worse , or with little improvement .

Isaac3740d ago

If it is not developed by Nintendo, Rockstar, Lionhead, Ensemble Studios, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch or Insomniac, then you can't expect much from it. Did anyone think Jade Raymond could pull something truly revolutionary? "I am alive" will probably be another overhyped garbage from Ubisoft, just like Kane and Lynch, Haze, Assassin's Creed, and the same will probably hold true for HawX and Conviction. I only have hope for EndWar, because they are botching Prince of Persia and after Haze who knows what will happen to Timesplitters 4.

Gorgon3740d ago

Jade Raymond was the Producer, not the Creative Director or Lead Designer. The way Assassin's Creed turned out has nothing to do with her. Her job is just to make sure the game gets done and working from a producer point of view. They just used her as the public face behind the game nothing else. You want to blame someone blame the Creative Director and Lead Designer.

N2NOther3740d ago

Hey now! Don't blame Kane and Lynch on Ubisoft. That was an Eidos game.

Anyway, I actually LOVED Assassins Creed.

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InMyOpinion3741d ago

That's one big delay. They better not screw it up.

Madgunner3741d ago

i think all these delays, at some point there gona just say u know what lets scueduel a Ps3 release too. for all u know ubi is probably waiting on to see how much the ps3 is catchin up by the end of 2008 my guess. 2 million consoles behind the xbox360... but that all depends with price drops and other crap so lets not even go there ^_^

gnothe13741d ago

nope thats not it at all. that has always been the game to compete with MGS4, but after seeing MGS4, they 5hit themselves an said we cant release this an asked for a do over.

RadientFlux3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I know I'm going to get disagree with this. While the storytelling elements are superior in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

I've always preferred the sneaking/gameplay elements in Splinter Cell franchise.

Playstation Man3740d ago

Only because I've played Splinter Cells in the past and know that MGS4 blows away the stealth action found in SC. SC goes for more style in its stealth while MGS is more focused on fundamentals and excellent story. Personally, I find MGS' more focused approach a better gameplay experience.

N2NOther3740d ago

I definitely prefer Splinter Cell's stealth elements to MGS's. The story is where MGS usually kicks it's ass. But MGS 4 really changed all that.

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