IGN: SDCC 08: Red Faction: Guerrilla Update

Today on the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con IGN got to play Red Faction Guerrilla. If you don't recall, the original title was a first-person shooter that boasted about being able to blow holes through walls and cause environmental damage that would be reflected in real time. Now, the POV in the series has changed to third-person, but that sense of interactive destruction is still present.

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power of Green 3764d ago

Man I seen a G4 E3 preview of this game and I wan't this really bad.

wolfehound223764d ago

I'm on the fence about this game. I am liking how the newer games are having destructible environments. BFBC, Mercs 2 and this game all seem to implement it well. I'll probably pick up Mercs 2 over this. That game just looks plain fun.

CBaoth3764d ago

Red Faction looks lightyears better and technically runs more efficiently (just MY opinion). Even the HD feeds from the PSN network for Mercs look almost quasi-PS2 in quality, esp. the character models up close. The engine doesn't seem to handle massive explosions very well either as screen tearing and framerate chugging are prevalent during them. After the technical diaster that is Battlefield, I'll be renting first for ANY of these geo-mod games. That includes Fracture.