Nolan North Uneasy About Mark Wahlberg Playing Nathan Drake

IGN:"North reveals a ton of details about the behind-the-scenes workings of the Uncharted movie."

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Sureshot2275d ago

Worry not Nolan, everyones uneasy about that.

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turdburgler10802275d ago

At this point sully should be played by ted the bear. Uncharted walberg edition.

windblowsagain2275d ago


I would prefer Tom Cruise or chris pratt.

Sully could be played by gene hackman. (awesome actor)

madpuppy2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )


Gene Hackman is the greatest but, He retired from acting a few years ago, He is 85 years old.

Tom Cruise just wouldn't work, Chris Pratt....kind of a wild card, but, he is popular right now.

Ramser122275d ago

Chris Pratt was offered the role of Drake but he turned it down. I'm guessing since playing Drake would probably hurt his chances of playing Indiana Jones

stuna12275d ago

I think Bruce Campbell would make a good Nathan Drake! For those who don't know who he is, he played in the "Evil Dead" movies. He definitely has the humorous side of Drake's character down.

Dirtnapstor2275d ago

Bruce would be a good Sully!

rdgneoz32275d ago

Bruce (if you've seen him in Burn Notice) is a bit too old these days to play Drake, though he'd be perfect for Sully.

JackRipper2275d ago

He is way too old for that.

ravens522275d ago

Wtf.Are they serious thats such a poor choice. I like Mark Wahlberg don't get me wrong, but not drake. He's not a Nathan Drake smh. I'm super disappointed not even uneasy I kno it's a bad decision. I'll still watch it tho :D

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2275d ago

I'll get crap for this but I would go 100% with Liam Hemsworth.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2275d ago

And kind of agreeing with some of you guys, I would include Reynolds in the movie, but as Sully. To me, Sully is a bit wittier than Drake. You would age him a bit and no makeup for some young Sully sequence, that would be amazing!

ion532274d ago

Nolan should be doing this anyway... He looks enough like Drake (especially in Uncharted 4), he has the voice, and the witty humor.... It's a shame they hire famous actors for their name and not if they'll fit the role. He's not even that good an actor... He's okay.... People like Troy and Nolan are far better actors than these big people IMO

Off topic: but for instance watching Oblivion just showed me how bad Tom is at acting....

Ezio20482274d ago

Jensen Ackles would be a great choice for Drake.....he has a great sense of humour and he looks like Drake too

DafunkyRebel2274d ago

Mark Wahlberg comedic side is as fun as a bag know what

Delsin_Rowe2273d ago

You could watch "TO MICHAEL PLAYSTATION 3 TRAILER" where you could see a candidate to play Drake.

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NicSage2275d ago

Mark Wahlberg is awesome.

johndoe112112275d ago

Agreed, but NOT for nathan drake. No one wants to see mark wahlberg as nathan drake, at least no uncharted fan. He just does not suit that roll.

theXtReMe12275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I don't agree with this. I think Mark Wahlberg suits the role well. He is a very talented, multifaceted actor that a lot of people don't give credit to. Yet is believable in pretty much any role he plays. He can do comedy, drama, action or romance. It helps that he already looks like Nathan Drake. As far as being too old, that is what makeup artists are for. He is right. Hollywood wants numbers before the first scene is shot, because these days.... One tech heavy film can destroy the strongest company. The same goes for game development.

I think a lot of people may be surprised at how well he plays the roll. A great voice actor doesn't always translate into a great screen actor. There has to be a reason why casting chose Mark Wahlberg over Nolan North or anyone else. Sure, name is one reason, but you still have to be believable in the role. Unless, as North says, they arent planning for a sequel because the script sucks.. But, if it did, I highly doubt Wahlberg would take it, regardless of the payout. He is pretty careful about what he does. If you're not good for the role, you're not good for the role. Regardless of how well your liked in Hollywood.

OhMyGandhi2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Because we all know that he played max Payne SO well...

OrangePowerz2275d ago

Not sure how much he cares about the quality of the script instead of the payout given he was doing Max Payne and the last Transformer movie.

Fez2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Wahlberg could not pull off a jovial character like Nathan Drake. Even in The Other Guys, a light hearted comedy, he played a surly cop. Those eyebrows are furrowed for a reason.

The problem with Uncharted or TLoU or most any video game movie is we're going to be treated to the same actors we've seen 50 times in other films, attempting to fool us into thinking we haven't seen them before.

Peace_Love_and_FPS2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I just don't think he can get the voice down, it'll sound too jersey.

Lord_Sloth2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Whatever faults were with Max Payne, Wahlberg wasn't among them. As an actor he just does as the director tells him to do and as the script demands. He isn't in charge of the movie, the shots, or even the dialogue. Sure they have some input on occasion but at the end of the day it's the director's call.

I'm not saiyan he's good for Drake, just that he isn't at fault for bad movies. I'd personally pull for Chris Pratt.

Oner2275d ago

@ Peace_Love_and_FPS ~ I think you mean Boston, but yeah I agree.

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UKmilitia2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

im not doubting him as a actor because he is good but he hasnt got the right voice for drake.
this could seriously destroy the movie for me.
would prefer someone a little less known and funnier voice and at least the same height.

always makes me laugh.

Relientk772275d ago

I don't think I want Mark Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake

SniperControl2275d ago

Gotta say Mark Wahlberg is one of the worst actors in moderen film.

Wasn't Nathan Drake's appearence inspired my nathan fillion away, i knows he's a bit old, but what's wrong with nathan fillion playing Nate.

BiggerBoss2275d ago

I thought his appearance was inspired by Johnny Knoxville? at least I remember reading something like that...

dragon822275d ago

He looks like Nolan North. Elena looks like Emily Rose who plays here.

Kleptic2275d ago

Naughty Dog has always claimed Drake was based off an in house developer...there was a tech video way back in 2007 showing a comparison for the facial stuff...and there was a guy that looked just like the in game drake, but wasn't north or fillion...

but...its pretty nuts how closely he resembles both North and Fillion. Its like they combined all 3 people facially...

caseh2274d ago


Yah I've read that somewhere as well. Things like the laughing after a near-miss and the muttering to himself when nervous are Knoxville all over.

ChrisW2274d ago

Nathan Fillion acting and character skills would better suite Nathan Drake.

Mark Wahlberg is good, but the character skills' chemistry just isn't there.

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psplova2275d ago

The role should've gone to Nathan Fillion obviously..

tablecloth2275d ago


Tho I never played any Uncharted games, I just love him in Firefly.

Rookie_Monster2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I think Nathan Fillion..aka Rick Castle, was busy doing Halo 5 at the same time. But I do agree, that guy's voice has that subtle humor about it that is perfect for Nathan Drake.

I still have nightmare of Mark Walberg from his Marky Mark rapping days.

hellothere19772275d ago

Not as bad as the nightmares of the young black schoolchildren Walberg racially attacked years ago. Oh, and the Asian dude he racially attacked and beat unconscious with a 2x4. That dude probably has some unsettling sleep too.

Google his court documents.

I guess Hollywood's makeup can make a "hero" out of anyone... except old southern white women with a cooking show. Racism is only okay when you have rock hard abs, it seems.

spicelicka2275d ago

This basically, his persona matches Nathan Drake's.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892275d ago

With special effects and fitness Nathan fillion is literally perfect for the drake role. Like uncanny. Only other person worthy of mentioning would be Ryan Reynolds. Mark whalberg is not sarcastic enough to play drake. no matter what Nathan fillion was doing he should have tried out for this movie. :(

Kleptic2275d ago

i get what you're saying...but all of these people are 'actors' in, they ideally would be able to play the part in the way its written...not in the way they play in other movies...

I'm by no means a wahlberg fan overall...but the guy has done pretty well in movies directed and written by people that are good at making movies... he was one of the most memorable characters in The Departed, and considering who surrounded him in that...its saying something...that could've been his only role in history, and he'd still have accomplished more than Reynolds or Fillion (either of which i'd rather have in Uncharted also, but w/e)...

Greyfoxdbz2275d ago

He is the only actor i would think is perfect for the role but have you seen him lately? he's looking a little old, I watch the tv series Castle and he seems to have gained weight too. If he did get the role he would have a lot of training to do to get in shape. He is a legend at being charismatic and i hope he gets this, but i'm not sure if he is contractually obliged to the tv series.

gangsta_red2275d ago

I'm sorry...but I don't know what obsession the net has with Nathon Fillion but everyone always says that every role ever should go to that guy.

He's a cool guy but not that good.

madpuppy2275d ago

"but everyone always says that every role ever should go to that guy."(Nathon Fillion) SAID NOBODY EVER! Just the Nathan Drake character.

Personally I still think Joe Flanigan fits the Nathan Drake character closer than most in personality, build and facial appearance.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892275d ago

Have you seen him in castle the only thing that seperates him from drake is his looks. The way he sells every theory and gets excited and his ability to make sarcastic jokes. Everything about how Nathan acts is drake. In this situation of Nathan could get his weight down he would be perfect to play drake. The great thing about drake is his ability to suck you into his monologues and interests towards mysterious things aka exactly what Richard castle does.

Halo2ODST22274d ago

He's that good that bungie got him in halo & Destiny

-Foxtrot2275d ago

If you want Fillion why not just ask for Nolan

They are still both unknowns to big audiences in the film industry

Obviously Fillion is more known but still in the same caterogry of people Hollywood wouldn't rely on

So yeah if you want Fillion you may aswell get Nolan

Outthink_The_Room2275d ago

To be honest, I think they should hire Blur to do a CG film and get Nolan North for the performance capture.

The movie is going to cost a ton anyways, especially if it's on the scale of Uncharted games. So give Blur $50M and call it a day.

The same thing with Halo. A photoreal CG Halo like the anniversary cut-scenes from Blur is exactly what fans want. And it'll probably cost a similar amount of money anyways.

Everyone keeps talking about actors and I'm looking at CG nowadays thinking, "it's called render farms, people."

Scrivlar2275d ago

Exactly! I thought it was Nathan Fillion until my friend told me it was Nolan North.

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ClayRules20122275d ago

I love Mark Wahlberg, but I don't want him to play Drake. I don't want Uncharted made into a movie. It's already a movie, with its cutscenes. I think the film being on ice for 10 years is saying something. I wish Nolan, Emily, & Richard could all play their respected characters. They all are their characters, they embody them.