Max Payne Film Shows at Comic-Con, Fans React

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Xbox360 Mujahid3762d ago

this movie rocks and those who disagree will die and burn in hell with satan and sony and juuken the fat lezbo and ... chuck norris the master of infidels hahahahahahahaha

X360 FTW

cr33ping_death3762d ago

wow how [email protected] so juuken says she is a female and girl fearing xbots now pick on her. and you xbot [email protected] wonder why there arent more girls into online gaming. even while playing gears of war i ran into a few females that gave guys a run for their money and they were called out for being good. get a life retard.

Solid_Snake6663760d ago

lol this has nothing to do with those 2

Caxtus7503762d ago

CAnt wait!! It all seemed positive apart from the guy moaning about the glass. Things do not have to have reasons for everything - especially glass, its for the "coolness" factor!

Hurry up release date!

Todesengel3762d ago

Please seek professional help

carnagecam3762d ago

I second that, please do seek help

Rourker3762d ago

and I want to see it. looks pretty good.

Veni Vidi Vici3762d ago

i watched the trailer from the link provided in the article and i didn't see what was so off-putting to the crowd. i thought it looked like any other shoot-em-up type film.