Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 14/7 – 20/7

This week saw the PSP taking a massive lead in the hardware race in Japan. According to the latest figures from Media Create it sold 74 024 units for the week ending the 20th of July, roughly 17 000 units more than last week.

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kevin11223736d ago

seems like the key to success in japan is release a new color for your product.

Euphrate3736d ago

Sony should do that to the PS3 in Europe too.

White -PS3 will definitely lure people in.

I love black though. Stupid casuals want white for some reason. :(

mistertwoturbo3735d ago

Maybe a Pink or Lime green 360 could help them overtake the PS3 in japan?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3736d ago

The Sony brand is still very powerful in Japan.Strong sales of the PS2,PS3,and PSP continue to genrate revenue.The 360,however,is still in a drug induced coma.

Euphrate3736d ago

The only thing I want is for them to not back on their word.
When i see " For Playstation 3" on FFXIII trailers, I expect it to be that. Off course if it said for PS3 and 360, then I would stick with the cheaper console. Square for instance, could be sued actually.