360 Exclusive or Bullet to Head? Kaz Picks Bullet

Microsoft might have bagged a big PS3 exclusive at E3 with Final Fantasy XIII. But, Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai really does not want any Xbox 360 exclusives. Like at all. Even abstractly! In an E3 interview with Swedenish daily Aftonbladet, Hirai reportedly says he'd take a bullet to the head over taking an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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Bombibomb3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Sony only cares about their own 1st / 2nd party exclusives and I don't blame them. 3rd party "exclusives" won't exist soon. Not unless you're willing to pay up a boatload of cash like M$ does every now and then. Just look at what happened with FFXIII. Sony can't even rely on Square-Enix anymore. Not with Microsoft trying to buy everything. Ugh. I can't stand them. They're right up there with EA for me. Ever since they entered the console wars everything just went to hell. Since then it's been nothing but endless fanboy wars.

beast3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Name one True AAA Microsoft 3rd Party Exclusive after ps3 launch. NONE. either its on PC or multiplatform.

People make a such a big crap about MS and 3rd party.Sony has MGS4 being a 3rd party. MS is just catching up in 3rd party purely due to high HD gaming cost. Again Name 1 AAA exclusive 3rd party game after ps3 launch. Meaning game that are not Published /Dev by MS and are not on PC .

mikeslemonade3791d ago

That's Kotaku putting words in his mouth. He only said that because the ridiculous question was asked in the first place.

3791d ago
sonarus3791d ago

Lol stuff like this is either mistranslated. misquoted or taken out of context

StephanieBBB3791d ago

I live in sweden and this is the typical Swedish idiot interview. I would'nt be surprised if it was Filip and Fredrik who interviewd him, You know the ones from the Show High chapparal.

These guys...

clintos593791d ago

Alot of these sites act like FF13 is a 360 exclusive and forget it is also on the ps3. I mean there is a game site that said they were behind the doors where sony was showing off Heavy Rain. And they said that Heavy Rain looks so amazing that it blew everyones minds in that closed door room, and they said that Heavy Rain was bigger news to them then FF13 going multiplatform. If anything, wait for TGS for sony to blow our minds. :)

ar3791d ago

I didn't thought anyone read Aftonbladet any more. It's just filled with rumors, lies and absence of journalism ethics.

richie007bond3791d ago

Competition is good,thank god Microsoft entered the console market.It creates better hardware better services,the 360 has a fantastic online market,were would the Ps3 PSN be today if it didn't have competition.All in all it creates a more varied market for all gamers and if you were a true gamer you would know PS3 and 360 sit pride and place under my new Samsung 6 series Lcd,both machines have some stunning games and i for one wouldn't want it any other way........

thePatriot3791d ago

would rather shoot him self in the head than let sony have a exclusive 3rd party game.

Bad_Karma3790d ago

He's a true Samurai ... death before dishonor


microsoft is not very well liked in ANY industry due to its monopoly practices, way back when. Now they have reinforced that dislike with this whole xbox crap. RoR, Did you RIKE it?

who are you defending? im sure that a multibillion dollar company does not need any fanboy shields, i mean, im pretty sure MS didnt call you everytime they tried to buy someone out.

Lastly, MS shouldnt be catching up in anything....since it did release a year or so before both the wii and ps3.

you fail, wake up and smell the TURD(MS)

ry-guy3790d ago


You do know that well before Microsoft even released Windows there were console fanboys? Heck even character fanboys?

Sega Genesis vs. Nintendo
Sonic vs. Mario

The only thing that has really changed for this generation is the internet and the availability to get a mouthpiece to those fanboys.

They have ALWAYS been around, it just was not until now they were heard on a widespread basis.

Nemo883790d ago

They dont have many worth having. And the one that is ie. Gears of War, would be the nail in the coffin for 360. I bet Cliff B is treated like royalty by MS. But seriously that would be it, forget Halo, Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect (soon to be on ps3 anyways).

N2NOther3790d ago

You can't stand MS for being good businessmen? Why? Because your precious Sony isn't the only place to play GTA IV and FF XIII? That's one hell of an irrational, knee-jerk reaction.

How has it all "gone to hell". Games are better now than they've ever been on both fronts and gamers now have much more choice. How is this a bad thing?

LJWooly3790d ago

"You can't stand MS for being good businessmen?"

I think you sort of missed the point of what he was trying to say with that one...

jcfilth3790d ago

you gotta LOVE this man!!!!

People like Kaz is what makes a good brand.

I'm glad I'm on his side.

Gorgon3790d ago

"1.9 - microsoft exec
would rather shoot him self in the head than let sony have a exclusive 3rd party game"

Really? Than we will have some suicides coming. Heavy Rain is exclusive and third party. Uncharted was exclusive and third party. Heavenly Sword was exclusive and third party. Valkyria Chronicles is exclive and third party. White Knight Story is exclusive and third party...I could go on. Guess that MS will have a lot of casualties.

BlackTar3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

How old ar eyou ? Just a question no gamer that started before ps2 would say that the best games are coming out now then ever have. That is matter of opinion that only the youngs ones realy share like I said Im late 20's and nothing other then MGS4 can compare to what I played growing up the games are about graphics now not story which is ass backwards in my opnion. MS isnt this evil giant but they seem to have changed things a little for the worse but thats how things go when pop. pick up in that dept. with all things so I dont care I buy games to play games not systems to support my Bias opnion. But sorry a little rant there. Games are not in there best right now early 1990-2000(maybe even before then) thats the life right there. when they had to make a good story to go with the ugly graphics now they just make better graphics to cover a terrible story and its sad.

MikeGdaGod3790d ago

there's no exclusive on the 360 that the PS3 needs. Gears is the only one that even comes close and by the time its out we'll have so many other good games on PS3 (some exclusive, some not) it won't even matter.

DaTruth3790d ago

If they get Gears they should improve it. I like my draw distances more than ten feet. And I like my backgrounds to not be blurry.

godofthunder103790d ago

He's full of sh*t and ps3 fanboys know he is but want admit it because it's sony.If he could get his hand on some 360 exclusive he will and that's a fact.Just look at dead rising,oblivion,and bioshock,they were 360 exclusives but now they are on the ps3.This guy just made an a** of hisself,he** he's probaly the one that said that sony never coppied from anyone and that was a joke.

1-they coppied the motion controller from nintendo

2-trophys from microsoft,sony just took achivements and changed it to trophies but it's the same damn thing.

3-microsoft started with putting movies on the 360 first

4-microsoft started online gameing first

5-when the first xbox came out microsoft said that it will not only be a game system but it will work like a media responded by saying that people wanted a video game system not a media center,but now they are doing the same thing.

i know that every one have their favorite system but to sit here and say that sony doesn't want any exclusives from the 360 is ridiculious.The most ridiculious thing that i've herd sony say was that they never coppied off anyone and that's just a right out lie because everyone coppies off every one but if people want to be honest they will say that sony coppied off the other 2 more then they coppied off sony.The only thing that sony came up with first is home and it's almost like the wii version but it's more for grownups then kids but they do just about the same thing.

I know he would give anything to have gears of war on the ps3 just like micro would like to have mgs4 and that's a fact.

I'm tired of hearing how the 360 doesn't have any exclusives because they have them for the computer.If people would stop and think instead of acting like kids and say the first thing that they could think of to make it look like the ps3 have more exclusive then the 360.

The fact is that they have over 90% of the people that buy game systems doesn't play games on their computers.Every one that i know has a computers and a game system and they don't play games on their computers,as a matter of fact they never buy games for their computers and i'm the same way.people don't want to worry about if the computer that they have will work for a certain game they want.So to say that the 360 doesn't have any exclusives is bullsh*t and people knows it.If that's the case then the ps3 doesn't have a lot of exclusives either because they have some games that on the computer to,h*ll ff on the computer.

Chris Bosh3790d ago

Wow, this guy might have took Kaz's words out of context.
I think he did, cuz know profesonal man would say this, MAYBE MICROSOFT!!!!

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SickNick853791d ago

They are Crazy!!!! Gears of war 2 multi kill Microsoft 2008 Lineup and sell more Sony 1st party games...

Endorphin3791d ago

I didn't get it either...

thor3791d ago

He is crazy!!! Multi-kill LittleBigPlanet Sony lineup sell more 2nd party games...

C_SoL3791d ago

i'm laughing so hard.....oh my stomach hurts.....burning calories here...

BattleAxe3791d ago

I didn't quite get that............speak english...........

Michael Jackson3790d ago

You think that's funny?
Try imagining what he said BUT with Arnold Schwarzeneger's voice!

"They are Crazy!!!! Gears of war 2 multi kill Microsoft 2008 Lineup and sell more Sony 1st party games..."

Now it makes prefect sense.

Shadow Flare3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

It's almost how Yoda talks

"Crazy they Are!!!! Gears of war 2 multi kill Microsoft 2008 Lineup and sell more Sony 1st party games..."

Speak english, you do not

Black_Jack3790d ago

i think he means gear of war 2 goes multiplatform and kills off microsofts games line up, sells more ps3 copies as a result. shoulda put the crack pipe down before you typed. crazy theory, gears2 wont go multiplat, dont care about the rest of it. lol (dont hate me i just translated for ya)

Bubble Buddy3790d ago

How'd you get that much Bubbles? o_0, unless u talk German as your first language or something.

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dktxx23791d ago

I think he didn't want to give people any doubt about his faith in the ps3. And the gaming media, just like any other bullsh*t media today, will spin words to make them sound interesting. Both Microsoft and Sony fall for it a lot and it seems sony's not letting them do that this time.

KingME3790d ago

You guys are so versatile, no matter what the subject. There can always be an argument to be found on N4G. The funny thinks is, almost all arguments no matter what the subject leads to someone saying MS is trying to buy something. This site should be a test site for "Self Brainwashing". There are people on N4G that hates MS and have no honest reason why, they do it simply because that's what others are doing. Which is simply sad.

There are others that have legit reasons to dislike MS, but most people hate them simply because they manufacture the console that opposes the one they purchased. I guess it's like to good old ford vs chevy fight. Pointless, but as strong as ever.

BlackTar3790d ago

I have once again seen someone who is so blind to both sides of the card. man don't people get tired of calling out one side and being in complete contradiction from where there standing. I'm talking to you .1 its sad. Its like if you like Sony you a fanboy you like Microsoft you r a fanboy you hate Sony practices your a MS fanboy you hate MS business practices your a Sony fanboy. Opinion is irrelevant anymore with this day and age in video games. what a sad world. I like them both or I guess all 3 but give me a break. It s ohh its all Sony lovers here. Im sorry but if the majority of the base here represents Sony does it not seem like maybe people have a reason and vice versa is someone not allowed to talk about what they like without being a fanboy? those who walk around calling others this and making assumptions as a whole to the entire comm.. tend to once again be standing in contradiction and one who hates and cares as much as you obv. do about calling out things like you are need to stand back and realize that maybe its a mirror your talking to. i love 360 but I like PS more (not PS3 yet besides MGS4) but none the less if more people are starting to support PS3 is it possible for the reason because of better stuff etc. that may appeal more and more to a bigger audience does a pref. make you a fanboy. no it makes you bias and last I knew your allowed to be Bias for consumer related issue that's what makes a opinion correct(Not entirely but the point is valid) its like everyone in CA. thinking they always know more then the other 49 states its just dumbfounding

Djpanam3790d ago

its true i know ppl from ca.

DaTruth3790d ago

This just in: Kaz Hirai wishes PS3 had gears of war,Kaz Hirai loves Gears and is very envious of MS.

KingME3790d ago

Great point! Point taken.

I agree.

BlackTar3790d ago

Cool. Thanks I wrote it and reread it and hoped I didn't come off as a jerk. That was not my point and in noway was it intended so i'm glad you didn't take it that way at all and thanks for actually being constructive and not destructive on this.

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PoSTedUP3791d ago

he dont want the competitions games to do good. he said we dont need that sh*t playa. KEEP IT.

i have played alot of 360 games and the only ones i would welcome on the ps3 are: gears 1&2, dead rising, and fusionfenzy2. no offence but i cant live without socom, GT, gow etc. (my franchises)

i will buy a 360 sooner or later but most likely when they fix the red ring problem cause i refuse to buy a console that will break on me although it has some awesome games. its a shame thought ya know.

BattleAxe3791d ago

by the time they fix the problems they'll have the xbox 720 out and it probably won't play dvds so the 360 games will be useless.

Nemo883790d ago

They wont fix it properly ever, theyve got it down now to a level where they arent getting bad press all over the place and people are still buying em so thats tellin em its ok. Think a 720 will be fine though.

Silogon3791d ago

So Kotaku is baiting KAz with a loaded question that could sink 10 battleships. Kaz runs the biggest hardware and software company in the world, Kotaku. He doesn't sit at his desk and copy and paste news stories and pictures and come up with unfunny quips and sarcastic things to say about people on a daily basis. You might have to forget your "Adam Sandler" sense of humor at the door. Might do your unfunny asses some good, his too.

Sony focusing on their 1st and 2nd party "insomniac, Sucker punch" ties only makes those guys much more appreciative towards Sony and in turn will ensure a longer much more cohesive team effort for years to come.

Microsoft might want to try this instead of buying everything. Sometimes, honesty, respect, admiration and friendship checkmates the dollar at the end of the day.

Veryangryxbot3791d ago

They baited such a response.

Kaz said nothing weird, he was asked to pick a game which he denied. Thats all.

And yes, there is nothing on the 360 thats worth having. Its all a joke and they will come to the PS3 anyway.

Voiceofreason3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

When did the company with the least amount of hardware and software sales suddenly become number 1? That guy works for Sony. Not Nintendo and they have been the top company for years now thanks to the DS and its huge software sales. It's hard to take anything you say seriously when you are so clueless about it. Honestly there are so many holes in your entire post its no wonder you only have 2 bbls

Common Sense3790d ago

They sell TVs, Camcorders and they sell other big electronics and they have sold over 250 million playstations since 1994.

Pain3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

i think i can agree with sill on that.

but hey that coming from Kotaku nothing new, Its why we call them
"M$ Defense Force"

n to the b3790d ago

great. let's not hear any more of this "Silogon is just a bot" talk which happens every time he makes a pro-MS comment under other articles...

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