GameTrailers: Halo Wars Lead Designer Interview

Go back in time with lead designer Dave Pottinger for the hot scoop on Halo strategy.

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DarkSniper3827d ago

Halo Wars looks extrememly bland and unoriginal. When it comes to anything attached with the Halo name, you can be assured that you will recieve the worst when it comes to gameplay, visuals and overall gaming experience.

Dark Sniper would rather play the exclusives that NCSoft is providing on his PLAYSTATION®3. With that, he knows that he's getting a much more refined and thrilling gaming experience.

When it comes to the lowest common denominator, Halo is the first thing that comes up in Dark Sniper's mind.


t-0_ot-3827d ago

Lol. You're a fool. Bland and unoriginal? Name another RTS game that looks or runs like Halo Wars. Oh, and, "recieve the worst when it comes to gameplay, visuals and overall gaming experience." have you ever played Age of Empires on PC? They are one of the BEST RTS games available on the PC. So, no, the gameplay WILL be fantastic. They know what they are doing, I'm sure. The visuals are amazing, especially for an RTS game.

Just shows how you can't appreciate ANYTHING if it is not affiliated with the PS3, or Sony.

FCOLitsjustagame3826d ago

Game looks pretty cool, I cant wait until they give a release date, until then I cant get too excited.